March 31, 2012

Laminator Info



Happy Saturday to you!

I get emailed at least once a week about a laminator question. I am going to be honest and tell you that I only respond to about 1/2 of these emails. I swear.. as many times as I have answered this question I can never remember the answer.

My laminator is in my office- and I read most emails on my phone. I am never in my office and I always forget what brand I own.

Here is my info…


I owned a small laminator for probably 4-5 years and used it A LOT!  It was a Monroe ML900 brand.  This little guy worked flawless for all those years. It never gave me a minutes trouble.

Then one day.. it died! Bless his heart!

I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a new one.

I didn’t do any research or look for another brand/model. I knew this one worked great and I reordered the same exact one.

Except.. when I got the box it was not the same little guy. They shipped me the wrong one! I was furious!

As much as I love Amazon.. their complaint/problems with your order system is terrible. It took days of me trying to get someone to reply to my messages. It sat in the box unopened because I wanted to return it and get my trusty little Monroe ML900 back.

Finally, I was in a bind and I just plugged the new guy up and started using it. The new brand and model is a Techko LM1910.


It worked just as well as the Monroe brand except it took 1/2 the time to warm up. The Monroe brand would take 20-25 minutes to get hot. This little baby takes less than 10 minutes. Probably closer to 5. I have had the Techko LM1910 for over a year now and it has not given me one minutes of trouble.

I hope I don’t jinx it!

Now, for the pouches. I buy my pouches at Sam’s Club.


{except the box I buy doesn’t look like this.}

I buy them at the store.


Here is what the box looks like at the store.

200 pouches are $20.68. Trust me people.. this is a deal!

Here is the Sam’s Club Link: Laminator Pouches





Becky said...

I've been meaning to invest in one of these! It'd be nice to laminate at home when I find something new, make it, etc.. You just convinced me! haha
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Jackie said...

I use the 3m laminator and love it. I recently discovered the laminating sheets at Sam's and they are great. They are a bit smaller that the kind from 3M, but MUCH CHEAPER! I also got the sheets from Amazon and they are good too, but the price at Sam's can't be beat.

Elisabeth said...

I never knew Sam's Club carried these! I don't have a membership but my parents do...definitely need to see about making a trip there now! Thanks for sharing! :)

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Meridith said...

I buy the same packets but I have a Scotch laminator. Love it!

Busy Bees said...

Just went to Sam's this afternoon and stocked up on 2 more. 200 pages seems like a lot, but I go through those babies quick!!

applesandabcs said...

I haven't thought about buying one of these...maybe now I will...


Apples and ABC's

Andrea said...

I love my laminator too!! Thanks for the info about Sam's Club! I didn't know they sold the pages there!! This is 100x better than buying the 50 pages at Walmart.

Cheers To School

Sara S. said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been looking into getting a personal laminator and I'm trying to get the best one for a good price!

Sara :)
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sarah said...

Still would love to know the type of printer you have:)

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