November 4, 2012

Getting Ready.. for Thanksgiving!


November is here.. and Thanksgiving is coming! I love this time of the year.

I pulled my “Thanksgiving box” out of storage yesterday.. and worked on some planning this afternoon.


Bring on the turkeys, Pilgrims, Indians.. and cornucopias!


I finished a new set of Thanksgiving centers this afternoon and have listed them in my store.

Click here: Thanksgiving Centers & Activities

I hope to be back tomorrow to share pictures of the activities included. I have to finish cutting it all out! We will start on some of it tomorrow! I cannot wait!!


I also will be using all the activities that are in my Thanksgiving unit from last year.. which is also in my store.

Click here: Thanksgiving Centers


These number words are in last year’s unit.


So are these great tally mark cards.


And this even & odd sort. Perfect practice for this year’s class too!


We made this huge turkey for my school’s main hall bulletin board last Thursday!


This is what my work table looks like right now.. only 2 weeks to try and squeeze everything in.

Gobble! Gobble!

♥ kacey ♥


  1. Kacey tell me about your home laminator... I teach Pre K in a private school and we do have one to use but having one at home would be great! Is it costly to use at home?
    Thanks for the info. I love your site!

  2. Susan...teachers at our school purchased their laminators from Costco for around $20.00. They are also sold at WalMart for about the same price. Sam's Club sells the laminator sheets--200 for $20.00. It certainly is nice to be able to save these center items for next year.

  3. Super cute turkey!!! I miss all of y'all!

    Emily Keeton

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