July 27, 2012

Color Words Unit


I am super excited about this color word unit I just finished. I will be using these activities with my first graders pretty soon! This unit has 11 centers/activities that reinforce the 10 basic color words.

Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing the unit:

Color Word Unit

Here is a glimpse of what is included:


Students look at the color cards then write the color word on the recording sheet.


Look at the crayon paper using a magnifying glass and find the 10 basic color words hidden in the picture. Write the words on the recording sheet.

{I printed these multiple times so each student will have on during centers.}



Students sort the cards under YES or NO if the color word matches the correct color fish. This activity includes 20 fish cards to sort.


There is also a fun fish coloring paper included.


Shape Sentences: Students look at the shape cards then fill in the missing color word.

I also printed the shape cards multiple times so each student will have his/her own copy.

I also will more than likely have students rewrite the whole sentences rather than just complete the blanks.


Animal Sentences

Just like the shapes above. Students fill in the missing color words.


Students look at each paint card and color the circles on the paper the correct colors.


Students read the color words on the cards and color the crayons the correct color.


Sentence/Picture Match

Read each sentence and match it to the correct picture card.


Clothes Pin Match

Students put a clothes pin on the correct word that names the color in the center. You could use many things to cover the word instead of clothes pins.


Color Word Sort

Sort each card under the correct color. This activity includes 40 color word cards and 10 header cards.


Here is the link again if you are interested in this unit.

Color Word Unit


  1. I LOVE this unit! I am buying it for back to school!!!! :) I just finished a color words unit but it is just 1 page for each color to color objects that are that color and circle the correct color word. I love your stuff!!

    Kindergarten Korner

  2. I agree it looks great! Did you paint your clothes pins?

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  4. thanks for sharing.