March 18, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Mini Unit


I wanted to take a few minutes and share my Very Hungry Caterpillar mini unit with you. I am really excited to use this with my first graders in a few weeks!

It is listed on Teachers Pay Teachers for $5.00.

Here is the link: VHC Mini Unit

It’s a great pack to use and has several follow up or independent activities to use with your students.

Here is what is included:


Sequence events from the story.

Cut then glue in order.

Sorry for the bad picture.. I should know better than to take pictures of white paper on a white table…



Word Search, Comprehension questions, days of the week paper and life cycle of a butterfly worksheet


Story retelling cards- there is one for each day of the week plus the four life cycle cards (egg, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly)


ABC order using the foods the caterpillar “ate through”. A recording sheet is available.


Unscramble the sentences and a recording sheet.


Colored and black and white versions of a story word list


There are 9 different activities in this mini unit.

Here is the link again: Very Hungry Caterpillar Mini Unit


Have a great Sunday! My Sprig Break is over and back to work I go tomorrow. I am NOT ready to get up and get dressed everyday. It is also our testing week and I am not a big fan!!!

But, I am ready to see my chick-a-dees and learn about dinosaurs this week!

And a dog update: all is good so far. She is behind her covered doghouse. So, I have to crawl in to see the pups. So, we can’t see much. No pictures yet! We went from fostering one sweet little dog to 9 in a few hours.. yikes!

xoxo, kacey




  1. This unit is adorable. I have to give this some thought. I mainly teach this story with religion.
    I am glad to hear your dog is ok and puppies. That is exciting.

    theverybusykindergarten :)

  2. This is adorable! I love this story!

  3. Your unit looks awesome! Good luck tomorrow!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. It looks great! Who doesn't adore Eric Carle?!? I sure do! I'm adding it to my wishlist!


  5. Oooo it is one of my favorites! Thanks for all the great units! You are so creative!

  6. So cute!

    Sue--how do you usually teach it with religion?

  7. This is amazing! I love the clipart that goes along with it! When I get closer to my Hungry Caterpillar Unit in May, this is going to be my first purchase!

    You have such adorable resources... that's why I gave you the lovely blog award! Come by my blog to check it out:

  8. I love your things, and have passed your blog addy to the first grade teachers at my school. Question--is there any way you would be willing to change cocoon to chrysalis? I know that Eric Carle explains that there is actually one rare species of butterfly that makes cocoons, but all other butterflies emerge from chrysalids (where they have peeled off the top layer of skin to expose the shell underneath). The rest of the caterpillars who make cocoons become moths. We teach the butterfly lifecycle, so is there any way you would be willing to change the cocoon to chrysalis for us?
    Just curious,
    Liesl in Virginia

  9. So glad that I just found your blog - I am new to the blog world. I can't wait to hit your TpT store - looks like you have wonderful ideas!

  10. where did you get the clip art? did you make it? is it for sale?