March 27, 2012

Dinosaurs! Part 1

Every year- I put out a “basket of dinosaur” books. And that is the all I would do in regards to dinosaurs. I would hardly discuss them with my students.
“I can hardly say the names.. why do I want to teach them?”
So, the week before Spring Break I was in a rut.. I needed something new to do. And somehow I talked myself into teaching DINOSAURS the week after Spring Break.
I asked my mom {30+ year of a teaching and my boss} if she had anything on dinosaurs. She pulled out a file folder that looked as old as I am and told me good luck!
Luckily, I had ALL of Spring Break to get my thoughts together and get a “plan!” While others were soaking up the sunshine at the beach or avoiding school at all costs- I was knee deep in dinosaurs..
I put most of everything we did in a pack and have it listed on Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s PACKED full of dinosaur activities. I am really excited to share it with you!
Here is a link: Dinosaur Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers
I made this dinosaur for our door.. but I strongly believe it looks more like a pregnant monster than a dinosaur.
We started the week with a small “overview” of dinosaurs while we were on the mat after we did our calendar.

Our book for the week was Danny and the Dinosaur. It was PERFECT for our Dinosaur week. I have multiple copies of this book and we read it every year {that’s when I normally put out the dinosaur books} but my first graders REALLY got into it this year!
There are 4 pages of story/comprehension questions in the Dinosaur Unit for Danny and the Dinosaur. I broke the story up into 4 parts and we read it Monday-Thursday of our dinosaur week. So, there are questions for each of the 4 parts.
My students put color words that were on dinosaur cards in ABC order. This activity is included in the Dinosaur Unit.
They found days of the week in the dictionary. This was one of my weekly centers. This is in the Dino Unit too.
They stamped number words- also available in the unit on TpT.
This was another center for my class. A color and ordinal word following directions activity. I copied the dinosaurs on constructions paper. They had to get one of each color and glue them in the correct order. They fit perfect on a sentence strip when you glue!
There are also pocket chart cards too to go along with this activity.

This follow the directions activity is included in the Dinosaur Unit. It was a GREAT center for my first graders!
We also did these tally mark cards and recording sheet as a center too.
The tally mark cards and recording sheet are in the unit too.

And of course. .. we made dinosaurs for our hall bulletin board.
The patterns to make these precious dinosaurs are also in the Dinosaur Unit.
… to be continued!
I hope to be back tomorrow with the rest of my dinosaur pictures!
Here is a link: Dinosaur Unit
xoxo, kacey


  1. Everything is sooo cute!!! We do dinosaurs in a view weeks. I'm adding your pack to my wishlist!
    Teaching, Learing, & Loving

  2. Love those dinosaur crafts! They are adorable! I'm sure your kiddos are loving your dinosaur unit. It's a favorite of my students.

    Swimming into Second

  3. So cute! I love Danny and the Dinosaur! I wish I could teach dinosaurs -- our second grade teachers have sort of laid claim to them!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. I love those dinos for your bulletin board. SO CUTE!
    Dragonflies in First

  5. I love the dinosaur craft they made! I will have to save that idea for my dinosaur theme next year! (We already did it this year)

    And your pregnant monster..haha too funny!

    Creating & Teaching

  6. My co-worker wants to do a Dino unit, I am going to send her the link to your blog! So cute!!!


    Apples and ABC's

  7. I put this on my blog and linked to you!



    Apples and ABC's

  8. Our Kindergarten does a big Dinosaur unit! This makes me wish it were us!! Love!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  9. everytime I get your emails...I always get inspired to do that theme!! hehe

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  10. Alright! Now I'm ready to do dinosaurs too!