February 22, 2012

Cookie’s Week: Mini Unit



If you are not reading this book with your class.. you should! It is short, sweet and a favorite every year with my class. We read it back at the beginning of school when we had our “Pete the Cat” week and we read lots of cat books.. but I decided to pull it back out and make a few activities that my first graders could do independently while we do small groups in the mornings.

You can purchase this unit in my TpT store.

Here is what is included…


ABC order. Put the 9 word cards in order then record them on the sheet. The cards and the recording sheet are included in the unit.


True/False Cards- Read the 10 sentences and put them under the correct word.. TRUE or FALSE. Then there is a recording sheet using the same 10 sentences.


Unscramble the words to make sentences- then record them on the sheet that is provided.


Also.. included..

{1} Sequence of events.. cut and glue the sentences in order to retell the story.

{2} Nouns & Verbs practice paper.. Read the sentences about the book. Circle the nouns with a black and the verbs with a pink color.

{3} Comprehension and story element questions

This unit is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click below.

Cookie’s Week Mini Unit


xoxo, Kacey


  1. You do such creative and beautiful work and I really love your sense of design. I would love to do a giveaway with you one day!

  2. I love this unit! Cookies Weeks is a favorite and I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Kindergarten at Heart

  3. I love this book... such a great book for giving the children to write their own story using the days of the week as a pattern. I can't wait to see your new unit.
    Also...THANKS for the calendar cards. I LOVE them... always so colorful and cute.

  4. This is so cute. I love the book, Cookie's Week. I use it to introduce a book writing next month. I will have to stop by your
    TPT store....AGAIN!


  5. Your unit looks so adorable that I *need* to buy that book now!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. I am off this week and was dreading having to come up with a unit to use for next week for our Targeted Academic Support time next week. I just bought this and spent the afternoon doing nothing but what I wanted to do! Thanks!!!!!


  7. See what happens when I am off? My sentences become redundant! :)

  8. This looks adorable. I'm curious where you got your clip art for cookie and for Lilly. Do you make them? So cute!