February 12, 2012

12 for 12 {February}


Here are 12 random things from today…

See last months 12 for 12 here.

{1} I spent a little while planning for this week.. we will be finishing up Valentine’s Day on Tuesday then spend the rest of the week working on Dental Health. We are also reviewing all long vowel sounds.

{2} I laminated two new units this afternoon.. my Dental Health mini unit and also a frog unit {coming soon}.

{3} I started working on a new mini unit- Cookie’s Week.. We read this book back at the beginning of school. During our Pete the Cat week- but we will be doing this in small groups maybe next week.. or soon!

{4} I loaded my Dental Health mini unit on Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE! Check it out HERE. I also added a sweet little bird matching activity. {tweet, tweet!}

{5} I spent a lot of time cutting out laminated materials today! I cut over that big wooden salad bowl so all of my scraps go into it. The bowl was a wedding present. I have never used it as a salad bowl BUT I use it almost daily when I cut things. So, it has been a very useful gift!! HA!

{6} I wrapped a baby gift and a Valentine gift. Not really wrapped.. just put them into some cute bags with tissue.

{7} I also got a Valentine card ready to mail. Kinda late.. and I doubt it makes it before Tuesday. But, it’s the thought, right?!!?!

{8} I went to the grocery and my receipt is almost 2 feet long. Whew- it was a big trip!

{9} I finished up a few last minute stationery orders.

{10} I bagged up my orders so they can be dropped off at the post office in the morning.

{11} I realized after looking back at last months 12 for 12 that I had on the same pj pants.

{12} … and as soon as possible- I am crawling into bed with the newest People magazine that came in the mail yesterday! I always feel cheated when a Sunday night comes around and I did not get a nap. It’s never fun to start a week off as tired as you did when it ended.


I really wanted to look into making this a linky party. But, I never got around to looking into that this past month. {Add it to the list of things that I never get around too…sigh!} If anyone has any “helpful hints” or just a “plain-ole this is how you do”suggestions I would love to know! I need a speedy tutorial!

I hope you have a great Monday!

xoxo, kacey


  1. Thanks for the freebie! Looks great! I can't wait to use it this month :)

    Teachery Tidbits

  2. Hi there,
    I just finished setting up my blog and I am so excited to share it with you! I hope you can come share my teaching adventures as well!


    Thank you for checking it out!

  3. Thank you so much for the dental health unit!!! Love it!
    I love the scrambled sentences and ABC order word cards.
    I will have my Kinders hunt for the words around the room and just list on the recording sheet. They love the word hunt center with the clipboard.

  4. I love love love Cookie's week!!!!! :) :) :)
    I wish I knew how to help you with the linky part but I'm clueless. However, I would totally join your party!!!
    PS Love that you're in the same PJs.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Today, I finished cutting and laminating YOUR Gebruary calendar numbers! Thank you for sharing---you have helped to make my calendar board a more festive spot!


  6. Oops, "February"....some kind of hard rock is playing in the background--the Grammy Awards--and I should just give up on the computer!

  7. thanks for the dental health freebies!

  8. I love you and your inspiration! I too started a blog a few months ago, and hopefully I will someday be able to blog as frequently as you, but until then I update just to SHARE!!! Chack it out!


  9. This would be a super fun linky party!! I can help you! Send me an email when you get a chance :)


  10. I would love this as a linky party. They aren't too hard to set up. I figured it out with some help from some friends. I love your dental health stuff. I love your units and always want to purchase them. They look so cute when you have them all displayed on your blog. I teach kindergarten and I'm afraid some it will be too hard. But I'm excited to try out your dental health and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.