January 29, 2012

100th day of fun!



Thursday was our 100th day of school.. but SURPRISE.. I got a phone call Wednesday night that there was no water at the school due to a broken water line.. so no school on Thursday!

So, change of plans.. Friday will be the 100th day of school.


The door was decorated and ready for my first graders.


Their desk were ready.. balloons and confetti. And a brand new 100th day of school pencil.


A little breakfast.. white powdered donuts and chocolate milk.


It’s official.. we made it to the 100th day!


We guessed or estimated if these containers had 100 items. Yes or No?


Then we had to count each container and find out..


Then we cut out 100 stars to go on the hall bulletin board.


Here is the finished product…


I have no clue why this picture is crooked..


My students had to bring in a 100 item project.. so we shared those..


We read a few 100th day books.


We made two lists charts..


We played a 100th day dime game.. that was a BIG HIT! I have it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store..

Take a look-


I had a prize that cost $1.00. They had to “earn” 10 dimes to buy the prize. We played in teams. So, whichever team earned $1.00 first got the prize.

This was my prize..


Nothing fancy.. and it all came out of my desk drawer. Left over candy, erasers, pencil toppers, bouncy balls, and silly bands.

(There were 3 cups inside the bag because the teams had 3 players.)


The purpose of the game was to put 3 numbers in order to make the largest 3 digit number they could.

But, watch out.. there was special cards that said “Give a dime back.” or “You get an extra dime.” .. etc.. Put a little twist on the game that was fun!


100th Day Dime Game


Then we ended the day with 100th day cupcakes and juice!


Whew.. and I slept like a baby Friday night!


Reagan Tunstall said...

I am joining your roster...You may need to get me a slightly bigger desk. :) LOVE IT!!!! I would totally want to come to school if you were my teacher! Do you really only have 11 kids? or actually 10 plus you? I saw a Reagan too! Well a Regan... :) I am off to find some donuts...

Busy Bees said...

Our 100th day is Tuesday, so I am in fast mode right now of getting all of the fun ready. Cute ideas...thanks for sharing!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Loving all of this! How fun!!
First Grade Blue SKies

kinderdi said...

Our 100th day is Feb. 17. Thanks for sharing such awesome ideas!

Mrs. Wright said...

This is really helpful, being my first yr in first in all. Thanks for sharing.

First Grade Journal

Sue said...

Great Ideas....thanks for sharing....our 100 day is next week! :)


megandw said...

What a fun day! It looks like you all had a blast! My favorite is the bulletin board!
Our 100th day is Wednesday! Thanks for sharing!

Shifra said...

I just pinned half your post- your stuff is always so visually beautiful!! I will definitely be copying the balloons and star bulletin board, I love it, thank you!
I don't want to drive you crazy, but would it be possible to share the printable for your cupcake topper? I would love to use it!
Thanks again!

Laura said...

Girl, y'all were busy! Looks like you had a great time! I'm going to have to try these activities next year!

Peace, Love and First Grade

Delighted said...

What a fun day! We will be celebrating ours on Friday. Thanks for sharing all your pictures.

First Grade Delight

Kristin said...

Wow!!!!! I want to do my 100th day all over! What a fabulous day for your kiddos!!!! Mine was the most scaled down version EVER due to all of the Curriculum Cops. It was kind of sad but my kids said it was the BEST DAY EVER so I guess they don't really know what they're missing. I'm certainly not going to let them see your blog! :)
Checking out your dime game!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Mary P. said...

How fun!

Tag! You're it! Visit my blog for details.

Pitner's Potpourri

Natalie said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a blast! You have definitely given me a gazillion ideas for next year! And I love the old school desks!

Teachery Tidbits

Country Dreaming said...

Lots of fun. Our 100th day was last Friday. Great fun going on all over.


Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day. Our 100th is this Friday and the kiddies can't wait to come to school dressed up like they are 100
years old. It's a hoot!

meadowt said...

I am your newest follower! BTW you have been tagged!:) Stop by my blog to check it out.

katherine. said...

WONDERFUL ideas! Our 100th day is Friday - I wonder if I'll be able to pull myself together in time to use some of your fun activities with my kiddos!

I've tagged you over at my blog, too - I'd love it if you came to check it out! :)

Happy Monday!
Third Grade Teacher Files

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Jeannie Partin said...

terrific ideas! - Our 100th day is tomorrow EEEKKK!!!

Such a fun day!



Kathy said...

Your photos were a great inspiration for organizing my 100s day. thanks for sharing.

Deanna said...

I would also love a copy of the cupcake topper as well as to know where you got the great coin posters under your whiteboard! deannastubbs(at)yahoo.com
Thank you!

Heather Davis said...

Where did you print the stars from? love them


Heather Davis said...

Where did you print the stars from? love them