September 29, 2011

October Calendar Cards {free download}



It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to take down the September calendar ..

OCTOBER will be here Saturday! Bring it on..  I love Halloween!


I made these calendar cards to use next month.. and I hope you can use them too!

The numbers 1-31 plus a Halloween and a Columbus Day Card.


Download below:

October Calendar Cards


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Fall Blessings to you!


September 28, 2011

Counting by 10’s Cupcake Cards {free download}



My little first grade babies worked hard on counting by 10’s today! 

We have been reading Laura Numeroff books this week .. and we read If You Give A Cat a Cupcake today. So these little cupcakes were just perfect.


These cupcakes go from 10-300. We used them in a pocket chart and then used a recording sheet while we worked.


I passed out the cupcake cards to my kids and they had to get up and put them in the pocket chart as we counted by 10’s to 300.


We sat on our mat and used clipboards to complete our papers.


It was a fun activity that kept them engaged.

You can download the cupcake cards and the recording sheet below.



Counting by 10’s Cupcake Cards

Counting by 10’s Recording Sheet

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Happy Wednesday to you!!

Those adorable cupcake graphics are from Scrappin Doodle!

September 24, 2011

A few questions answered..


Where did I get these graphics?
These graphics are from Lettering Delights and  can be purchased here.


Where did I get Pete?
Pete can be bought at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles..
I bought mine at Amazon.. just because it was cheaper!

How did I make this?
This is a poster that hangs on the front of my desk. The letters are mounted on a piece of black poster board.
I used scrapbooking paper and printed the letters using my printer. Then I cut them out by hand. The font is MTF Jumpin Jack I have a Cricut machine but I could not get it to accept this font.. which is why I cut the letters by hand. The letters in BEST are a full sheet of paper each.

What kind of reward system do I use?
My kids have sticker charts. Mostly they win stickers by playing games .. we play at least 1-2 games everyday.
I also will randomly select a few students each day to read their sight words, say their Bible verse, recite our poem, etc.. if they can do whatever I ask them to do “on the spot” they earn a sticker.
Also, if I pick their work to hang on our “good work” board they earn a sticker .
I do give out stickers for good behavior sometimes.
When they fill their sticker chart up they get to skip homework. Even though I don’t always think skipping homework is the best reward.. it is something that they love, its free .. and parents love it too.

Where did I get my gumball machine?
A childhood friend had it in her bedroom growing up. I looked on ebay and craig’s list for several months for one.. and I remembered her having one when we were growing up. Her mom and dad live a few houses down the street from my mom and dad.. and I called her mom. They still had it and graciously allowed me to borrow it. A fresh coat of black paint and a good washing.. and it has been the BEST THING EVER!
It has a coin slot- but you can turn it without money so it doesn’t use any coins.
My kids can have a gumball at the end of the day if they are stayed on purple or orange on the clip chart. I buy gumballs at Walmart. I usually cost be around $15 a year for gumballs. Pretty cheap reward system..

What font did I use for my lesson plan sheets?
It is called Elizabeth Skinny. You can find it here.

016 (2)
Did I make this sign?
I did. It is a canvas painted chocolate brown. The letters are cut using my cricut using scrapbooking page.. with a little Mod Podge on top. {I love that sticky stuff!}. Wire to hang and a little ribbon top!

September 22, 2011

Inside My School Bag Linky Party


inspiredappleheader2 copy

Abby at The Inspired Apple is hosting a “What’s in your school bag” link party!

My bag is so junky and this was a great opportunity to “dump” it all out and just see..

“What is in there?”


This is the bag I carry..

Honestly,I don’t carry it everyday. Some days I walk out of school with NOTHING and some days I carry a tub of work out. I would rather carry a tub when I have a ton of stuff.. but this is the school bag I carry when I use one.


Seriously.. what is all this junk??



Vintage smurfs, frog die-cuts, center activities to make, laminating that needs to be cut, insurance crap-o-la from all those people that hound you at the beginning of the school year.. {thankfully this year we have not had lots of insurance reps visiting our school}. binder with lesson plans, planner.. etc…



Tons of receipts from the post office.. because I spend a lot of time there.

A school box of supplies.. You never know when you will need these things!


Most of this stuff gets crammed in my bag because it needs to come home and then it spends weeks {maybe months} in my bag until I clean it out.


Oops… an Easter book! That tells you how long it’s been since my bag got cleaned out.


Cleaned out and ready for school..

Thanks Abby for inspiring me to have a bag cleaning!

September 17, 2011

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.. Math Centers


Well friends.. I did it. I listed my first item on Teachers Pay Teachers!

I NEVER set out to sell my items.. I have enough on my plate between teaching and my Doodle Bugs Paper business.

But, I had made these centers and they were using Cheryl Seslar graphics. So, I bought her Teacher’s License and can now sell things with her graphics.. and since I own the license I can now offer 1-2 freebies a month. I plan on taking advantage of that!

So, I set up a seller’s account at TpT and I have listed my first item.. well, actually I listed 2 {but the first one is a freebie I already posted on my blog!}

Next week will be all about If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.. and the other Laura Numeroff books with my first graders.

You will be able to download all the recording sheets at the end of this post.

So, I created a few math centers …


These number cards can be used two ways..

(1) Students can order the four numbers from least to the greatest from each card.


(2) Students can look at the card and write just the least and greatest number.


Next up is a set of math facts- addition and subtraction cards.

These cards are not numbered so if you plan on using them in a center with a recording sheet they will need to be numbered.


These cookie cards turned out really cute! Students can count the cookies lots of ways. We will probably count ours by 5’s but they can be counted by 1s. 2’s, 5’s, 10’s. etc..


This is a set of number word cards zero-twenty.

Students can put them in order then write the word beside the number on the recording sheet.

I actually only do four centers so I will be using this as an extra activity for early finishers without the recording sheet with my students.


This is a set of 30 number cards. I am going to let my students work together and put them in order from least to greatest then they have to write the numbers in order on their recording sheet.


We haven’t really talked a whole lot about even and odd in my class yet- but these cards could be used to sort even/odd.  There are 18 odd numbers and 12 even numbers in the set.

So, if you are interested in buying these you can click below.

My picture previews on the listing are sideways.. why?? Any veteran TpT sellers that can help with that.. please do!

And the free recording sheets are  also below.

Download here!

IF You Give A Mouse A Cookie Math Centers Unit on TpT

IF You Give A Mouse A Cookie Free Recording Sheets

September 16, 2011

A little Mouse Fun

Happy Friday Y’all!

What a week.. I feel like the last few weeks have been C.R.A.Z.Y.. and I am always rushed.. there is so much extra “stuff” going on. I was also out on Thursday- so that put me behind schedule on many things.

I also forgot my camera at home this morning- so I am missing pictures of several things we did this week. I am going to try and do a mid-week “mouse post” to show you those things too..

But, here is a little glimpse into our “Mouse Week”.



One of our weekly centers this week was stamping spelling words.


I make “list cards” with our spelling words so they are right there with the students. I also number the words so they know exactly where to stamp it on their paper. It’s not so important that they go in order but that they know which words they have stamped… otherwise they skip a word and then we {meaning ME} have to go back and figure out what word they skipped.

Numbering the words and the paper has SAVED MY LIFE!



This poem was found at Teaching Heart but I changed it up a little bit.

**You can download the Mouse Poem here.**

Mouse graphics by Scrappin Doodle


Another center activity.. they had to cut the lines apart and glue them in order. There are copies of the poem in the center for easy reference.


We put the words in order together one morning during our meeting time.. Then I put them in the center and if they finished gluing the poem in order they could do this as a pocket chart activity.


This is a center I made last year.. but it was WAY to easy for my first graders this year. They counted the dimes on the cards and recorded their answers on a recording sheet.



**You can download the Money Mouse Cards Here**

**You can download the Money Mouse Recording Sheet Here**




These are number cards to put in order from least to greatest. We did this together then I put it away and will pull them back out next week.. and it will be part of a math pocket chart center.

**You can download the Mice Counting Cards Here**

Mouse graphics by Scrappin Doodle


Ordinal words cards..we used these in a pocket chart to order from first-twelfth.


This week was the first week they had an art project they had to complete on their own.


The pieces they needed were in stacks in the windowsill.. they had to get their pieces. cut them and glue them to make this simple little mouse!



Free Downloads

Mouse Money Center Cards

Mouse Money Recording Sheet

Mouse Trap Poem

Mice Counting Cards


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Have a fabulous weekend!!

xoxo, kacey

September 12, 2011

The Way I Plan & Organize


I have had several emails and comments about my planning notebook that I have shown in a few pictures..

I have emailed several people more information and I have promised a few others that I would eventually blog about it.. so here we go!

There really is NOTHING special about my planning and the way I organize my lessons- but I LOVE to read and see how others do it.. so, I do want to share. The way I do it is simple.. and EASY!


This is my school binder. Inside is everything I need. Copies of notes I send home, schedules, notes from parents, contact sheets for each child, lesson plans, newsletters.. a little of everything. The only thing I don’t keep in here but honestly I should.. are my grades.

This binder stays open on my desk everyday. I bring it home if I want to work on lesson plans or usually on Thursday nights so I can type my newsletter.

003        004

I have to mention that I am not required to write detailed lesson plans. I have taught in schools before where you had to list procedures, benchmark numbers, intervention strategies, etc..  It’s wonderful and truly a blessing to write lesson plans MY way!

The first picture above shows my top sheet of my weekly lesson plans. Its pretty much an overview of the week.

The second picture shows what my daily sheets look like. Even when I had to write detailed lesson plans I would then write down in a list form what I needed to do each day. I can just keep up with it better when I have one page per day.


I also keep copies of my weekly newsletter in my binder. It helps to be able to look back and see everything at once. I also keep last year’s newsletters in a folder tucked in the back so I can refer back to them when I need to.


This bucket only comes home with me usually over the weekend.. Sometimes, I get spunky and get things organized and planned on Thursday nights. But, most of the time I never do my lesson plans until Sunday afternoon/night.

So, what’s in this bucket??

  • My binder
  • My planner (it actually goes everywhere with me)
  • File folders with work I will need for the upcoming week.
  • Leftover work that we did get around to doing.
  • Teacher’s editions, books, etc..  (I try really hard not to bring teacher’s editions home because they are so big and bulky. I try and do that part of my lesson planning at school- OR I will bring home a student book since its so much smaller!


Here are the folders I brought home this week..

  • The dark green one is MICE- that will be next week’s theme unit.
  • Short a folder
  • 5th week of school folder

I also have a folder that stays in this bucket that says “Papers to Copy” When I am planning everything I pull the papers I need to make copies of and put them in there. Then when I am finished making copies I put the empty file folder back in the bucket for next week.

I put everything I need in a stack for each day, paperclip it together and label it with the day of the week.


I use one of those plastic 6 drawer carts for each day of the week. In the bottom drawer I keep extra work.

Every Monday I pull the papers out of the bucket and put them in the correct drawers. Monday is the first drawer, Tuesday is the second drawer, etc..

{Yes, I need some labels… just haven’t gotten around to making any!}

At the end of each day- I pull out any leftover papers or work we did not get to and put it in the bottom drawer or if is something that HAS to be done- I put it in the next day’s drawer.


On Friday afternoon when I am gathering up the stuff for the “bucket” I pull those papers out of the bottom drawer- the “extra” work stuff.. and bring it home. I try and use those papers for homework for the next week or morning work, etc..


Here are some of the books I brought home this weekend.. an art project book, my math teacher’s edition. It’s pretty small so I don’t mind wagging it home! And we have these AMAZING student phonetic readers by Sing, Spell, Read and I brought the short a one home to help me plan.


I am really lucky that I have a place to do my school work. I almost always plan in the same place…on my office floor. Under my work table I keep this bucket- it has everything I need and is handy so I don’t have to keep getting up to get something.


I also keep a chart tablet, sentence strips and a few pieces of poster board at my house all the time. It helps that I can plan out the daily charts I need at home.

Hope your week is starting off great..

I did want to mention that Scholastic Book Orders has  the Pete the Cat book and CD for $7.00 this month.. I am hoping to use some bonus points to get multiple copies {or a class set..}. I don’t need multiple copies of the CD but they would make great little gifts for my students.