September 24, 2011

A few questions answered..


Where did I get these graphics?
These graphics are from Lettering Delights and  can be purchased here.


Where did I get Pete?
Pete can be bought at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles..
I bought mine at Amazon.. just because it was cheaper!

How did I make this?
This is a poster that hangs on the front of my desk. The letters are mounted on a piece of black poster board.
I used scrapbooking paper and printed the letters using my printer. Then I cut them out by hand. The font is MTF Jumpin Jack I have a Cricut machine but I could not get it to accept this font.. which is why I cut the letters by hand. The letters in BEST are a full sheet of paper each.

What kind of reward system do I use?
My kids have sticker charts. Mostly they win stickers by playing games .. we play at least 1-2 games everyday.
I also will randomly select a few students each day to read their sight words, say their Bible verse, recite our poem, etc.. if they can do whatever I ask them to do “on the spot” they earn a sticker.
Also, if I pick their work to hang on our “good work” board they earn a sticker .
I do give out stickers for good behavior sometimes.
When they fill their sticker chart up they get to skip homework. Even though I don’t always think skipping homework is the best reward.. it is something that they love, its free .. and parents love it too.

Where did I get my gumball machine?
A childhood friend had it in her bedroom growing up. I looked on ebay and craig’s list for several months for one.. and I remembered her having one when we were growing up. Her mom and dad live a few houses down the street from my mom and dad.. and I called her mom. They still had it and graciously allowed me to borrow it. A fresh coat of black paint and a good washing.. and it has been the BEST THING EVER!
It has a coin slot- but you can turn it without money so it doesn’t use any coins.
My kids can have a gumball at the end of the day if they are stayed on purple or orange on the clip chart. I buy gumballs at Walmart. I usually cost be around $15 a year for gumballs. Pretty cheap reward system..

What font did I use for my lesson plan sheets?
It is called Elizabeth Skinny. You can find it here.

016 (2)
Did I make this sign?
I did. It is a canvas painted chocolate brown. The letters are cut using my cricut using scrapbooking page.. with a little Mod Podge on top. {I love that sticky stuff!}. Wire to hang and a little ribbon top!


  1. Thanks for all the information. You are so creative! I think you are a Versatile Blogger! :)

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  2. Thanks for sharing your font! I see it on a lot of your work and I love it! I also found some other awesome fonts on that same site! :)

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