August 6, 2011

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Well, my summer has come to an end. I go back to school on Tuesday. My students come on Thursday. Thursday and Friday are 1/2 days and then we start a full day on Monday, August 15th.. and all I can think about is it is going to be H-O-T!

My room is all done except for putting my students names on everything. I am expecting 13 first graders this year.

I will be sharing pictures of my room as soon as I get everything done!

Have a great weekend.. I was expecting to sleep in but was awake at 5:30.. oh well!




  1. I bet your room looks amazing!! I can't wait to see your pics!! You are so lucky to have 13 students. Each year we have about 24-26. YIKES!!

  2. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas! :-)

    13 kids! I'm so jealous! I usually have 30!

  3. 13 kids?! Wow. I'm jealous also.
    I had 27 last year and have 22 on my list this year. Smallest class ever was 18. We start in 2 weeks.

    Good luck with this school year! Thanks for all of the wonderfulness you share with the blogging world!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  4. You know I am still waiting for you room's picture, a day ago I visited your blog but now you didn't show your room's picture, so would you please share it with us.personalized stickers