August 28, 2011

Getting Ready: 3rd week


It’s hard to believe that we are about to start our 3rd week! The time is FLYING by!!  It’s Sunday afternoon.. and it’s time to start getting all the last minute things done to start a new week.
We are moving on from Pete the Cat to dogs..


I usually do a week of Dogs and a week of Clifford.. so I will probably hold all my Clifford ideas until next week.


Thanks to Pinterest I printed out lots of dog pictures today and will be using these this week for writing prompts. These will be on display on the “book table” so the kids can look at them all week. They are cute!!


We are beginning to read ordinal words and I every year I hate that I don’t have poster big enough for my students to read at their seats. So, I printed these off and will put them on poster board tomorrow at school. I will try and take a picture so you can see the finished product.

*Did you notice I misspelled 9th.. yep, that's a winning moment for me! No worries.. it's all fixed now!

One of their reading centers this week will be putting words in order to make sentences. We practiced this together last week so I am anxious to see who can do it by themselves.
Our word family this week is “–an” so these sentences are a mixture of “an words” and sight words.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear any dog ideas you have? Any special activities, art projects, etc… please share!

Off to cook a little dinner.. and watch Big Brother!

xoxo, Kacey


Lori Faas said...

I love activities that have the children put words in order to make sense! Cute dog pics too!

Grade ONEderful said...

Oooo, I love your dog pics. I was thinking of doing a dog unit early in the year, too!

Megan said...

I love the sentence idea. And the font too! What font is that?

Heather said...

When we do dogs and cats, we do a "The Teacher's Pets" art project. The kids make a doghouse and their picture goes in the doorway. The houses are all different colors and we put a bone above the door with their name on it. I have Kindergarten to its an easy project for them.

Unknown said...

We make red headbands and attach floppy ears - for Clifford. I have another dog project with a paper plate and we paint the plate red and the parts are red like Clifford. We also make doggie kibble - saw the recipe on Scholastic with Clifford. I have a sight word book for a center with cats and dogs. Kids love dog week and we do lots of story writing.
I'm also a big Big brother fan. My husband and I have watched all but the first season.

Jen said...

Found your blog from a "pin" of this post. I like the use of a wash tub for file folders and planning. Great idea!

I am your newest follower. Would love if you would visit my blog and follow back.

Thanks and hope you have a blessed week!

~ Jen

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