July 23, 2011

Lucky Duck Winner



The winner of the personalized portfolios is

Kendra who said

I am now following your blog =] Great blog for a student teacher =]

Contact me Kendra!

I spent most of last night cutting out laminating stuff.. and catching up on Big Brother and America’s Got Talent..  Here are some things I worked on.. I do not have these to share because they were made before I started this blog and I did not save them.. I just thought I would post the pictures and let you see them.



This is an owl math fact match game- I will more than likely use this in a pocket chart but it can easily be done on the floor or at a table.


Matching number words to numbers. These cloud shapes took FOREVER to cut out!


Matching a sentence to a picture. Will probably do these together to model but then they will be put in a pocket chart basket for my students to do independently. Great color word activity!


Superhero Counting- This is a center activity I do pretty frequently. The students count the objects and record their answers. I like it because I can have them count by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 2’s.. whatever we need extra practice on at that time.


Math fact center activity. They will record their answers on a recording sheet.




MrsCrow said...

OH my gosh they are ADORABLE! I am so sad ... wish you could upload them!!! :-) ALL of your stuff is always so stinkin' cute!!

Andee said...

Where did you get those super heroes??? That's our school theme this year and those guys are SO adorable! Love all your games...wish I could make them this cute!

Mrs. A said...

So cute! Great graphics :)

megandw said...

Where oh where did you get the owl clip art?
I love seeing your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sarah said...

Super FUN! I LOVE the Super Hero Counting objects the most!! How fun! Love the idea that can be used and used and yet used again!! Fantastic thinking!!


weety said...

Drat, drat and double drat! These are soooo cute. Too bad you aren't able to share them. :(

krazykindergarten said...

These are cute, cute, cute!!! Thanks for sharing the ideas!

Aly W said...

I'd love to know where you get your clipart and fonts for the centers you make. They are adorable!

Erin said...

So sweet! Would you email a file or two if we left a donation??? You have the cutest clip art! Whose is it?

Lisa said...

Love the giveaway your are doing with 4th Grade Frolics, and love you blog. You have the most adorable ideas!!

Jill said...

LOVE your Stuff!!!!

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