April 20, 2017

Five for Friday {April 21}



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Grown up Easter Baskets…you are simply never too old for the Easter Bunny in our family!

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Tax Day.. the day you might cry after leaving the post office.

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Thursday was our school’s reading story board turn in date. My kids {and parents} totally knocked it out of the park!

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Directed Drawings are my go to time filler and bulletin board decoration.

This is a set of Spring Directed Drawing.

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{no picture needed}

20 days friends! 20 days left to squeeze in a whole bunch of learning to a group of wild, spring-feverish first graders. And, it could actually be 19 because I am not sure our exact last day. But, who is counting!?


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  1. Agree about Easter baskets! My mom still makes one for my brother and I! Love your little directed drawing pack! I think I'll be buying it this weekend!

    Hope your last 20 days are awesome!

  2. I LOVE directed drawings and do several each year. The following directions skill practice is as useful as the drawing practice! Too busy to post this week... see you around. Kathleen

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  4. Hey Kayse.....first of all, thanks for the link up! You're helping a girl out here and I appreciate it! LOVE the story boards!! I wanted to do something like this with our firsties...can't seem to get my team on board with it 😢 I'm going to show them your post and try to get them inspired! Do you have a letter that you send home explaining it to the parents? Just wondering the procedures you follow....Hey....have a great week and see you again next Friday!

  5. Your directed drawings are tons of fun! My students love making the pictures and writing silly stories to go along with them...

  6. Wow! What a nice drawing are there in it.Cartincoupon.com

  7. Love the directed draw! Thank you for sharing!