March 3, 2017

Five for Friday {Link Up.. March 3rd}



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Just like most of the world.. we celebrated this famous cat this week.


I make these super cute bookmarks for my students each year. I break The Cat in the Hat book into 4 parts so these are used all week as we read.


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We also celebrated the beginning of a new month. I kinda like March. Even though my kids are a little nutso this time of the year.. they get me and know me. I don’t have to explain stuff. And, I get a little stressed about the thought of training another group next year.

These monthly cut and paste printables are included in my Months of the Year Unit.

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Our school’s art program is pretty awesome. Our art teacher is a firm believer in letting them be creative in their own way. These are my student school winners and will be heading to a district art competition.

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We’ve had some problems with greater than/less than. So, I pulled out some simple worksheets {gasp!} and we used these as morning work.

These printables are included in my Greater/Less Than Unit.

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And, when the playground is muddy and you have small group time on the rug after recess.. you have to leave shoes in the hall. I am seriously surprised our afternoon cleaning lady has not quit this week. There is MUD everywhere!


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  1. How can I get the super cute bookmarks to make for my class?

  2. I just love your bookmarks, Kayce!! They are so bright and perfect for Read Across America Day!!
    I am a fan of your Months of the Year resource! I'm going to pull out the March printables next week to use during as a social studies station!
    Have a great day!! Linda Groce

    1. Oops!! I know your name is spelled, Kacey!! Sorry!! That's my over 50 year old brain at work! Ha!!

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  4. Where can I got those bookmarks? They are super cute and I know my minders would LOVE them!