September 25, 2016

Halloween Pocket Chart Math Acitivites

I am a HUGE HUGE fan of pocket charts and we use them multiple times through out the day.
We use them in small groups and during center rotations. 
But, I also use them as early finisher activities. 

And, I have TONS of different activities but I seriously can always use more. 
So, I made this little pocket chart unit to use for the month of October. 

There are 8 different activities to use in this unit. 
Here is a look...

Number Words- zero-twenty match. These can also be used at a table or on the floor. I frequently run out of pocket charts (even with 4 permanent ones and 2 tabletops ones) so these are easily used anywhere!

Counting by 5's: Numbers 5-300 are included. I don't plan to have all my students count to 300. Just pick and use what numbers best fit your students.

Ten Frame Counting: We are working so hard on counting tens & ones. 
These will be a perfect fit for the next few weeks.

Even and Odd Sorting: These fit great in a pocket chart but can easily be used in baskets too. One of the reasons I love a pocket chart is how easily I can do a quick glance to check the students work. But, just like I mentioned above.. sometimes space is limited so I use these little buckets/baskets from the dollar tree with the header cards taped to the front.

Addition Math Facts: We seriously practice math facts in some sort each day. Why not make it hands on and a more engaging than a fact sheet. These little witch cards are so cute!

Counting by 10's. Numbers 10-300 are included. You might only want to use numbers up to 100 or 120 .. or 200. Pick and choose what works best for you classroom.

Ordering Numbers: It seems like I am always pulling out some counting cards and just randomly pick some for my students to order from least to greatest. These little silly monsters will be a hit for sure!

Greater or Less Than Sort: These can also be used in a pocket chart or those same little Dollar Tree buckets I mentioned with the even and odd cards. 

I often get request for me to make some of my items in black and white. I know not everyone wants to print in color {or has that option} so I included black and white versions of all the cards so you can have your choice.
Colored ink or white paper
black and white or colored paper

If you are interested in seeing more {download the preview} 
or purchasing these here is a quick link...

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