September 11, 2016

Football Math Centers + Printables

It is football season! I teach in a small school and our junior high and high school students are on the same campus.. and let me tell you.. FOOTBALL is BIG! It's all about Friday night lights and the boys of fall! And the cheerleaders are equally important.

Our Homecoming week is coming up and these football centers will be PERFECT addition! There is NO way we could squeeze all of it into one week so there will be plenty left for the following week also.

This unit has 12 different hands-on, engaging, & fun activities. There are some matching activities that fit perfect in pocket charts and there are several centers that have cards and a recording sheet. 

I also included some follow-up printables that can be used as early finisher activities or just whenever you want to squeeze them in if you would like to use them.

Skill included are: counting by 5's, counting by 10's, telling time, color words, number words, addition facts, adding 3 numbers, months of the year and days of the week, counting 10 frames, what number comes next, and ordering numbers.

Here is a quick shopping link if you are interested:

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