May 8, 2016

Surviving! (and a giveaway)

I seriously have NO idea how this happened?! I have one week and two half days left. I am in complete survival mode but also frantically trying to review & reteach tons of stuff to refresh their little minds ONE MORE TIME before summer break!

So, what's on our schedule for the last 7 days?! Other than a few BIG things like Award's Day Ceremony, School Wide Bingo Party, End of the Year tests and I am sure a few last minute (I wasn't planned for) activities!

Like, I mentioned above.. I am desperately squeezing in as much review and reteaching as possible. I feel like I need to "remind" them one more time of so many things.

We also got behind in our Daily Language book and our Math Workbooks. 
So, we will be spending extra class time working in these. Not the most exciting or fun thing gotta do what you gotta do!
I actually really LOVE these Daily Language books by Evan Moore. They are a perfect daily language activity that mixes a ton of skills into a 1/2 page each day. I do these under my document camera each morning with my first graders. And, I feel like they really benefit from this each day.

And, we will be reading, reading, reading this week! I don't think there is a better time filler or needed skill than just simply reading for enjoyment. 

So, I hope you slow down and enjoy your students these last few crazy days or weeks. It's a crazy, hectic time and I just want to shut my door and do a little teaching.. without the end of the year stress! Don't get me wrong.. I am SOOOO ready for summer break. I just hope I don't lose my sanity in the last 7 days before it starts!

I am having a little fun giveaway on my Instagram page...

I am giving away four of these Survive notepads. Jump over and see!


  1. Wow, you don't have long till you are out.
    We have 10 1/2 days left. We will survive

    M : )

  2. Hi! I noticed from your picture that you have an Abeka arithmetic book. Do you use other Abeka curriculum too? I teach first in a small private school and we use it across all areas. I'm always on the lookout for other teachers/blogs who use I and want to share ideas. It's kind of hard to find! I've used several of your math centers this year now I see why�� If you have any suggestions for connecting with other Abeka 1st grade teachers, I'd love to hear them.

  3. I love Froggy! anyway, we only have 7 days left also, wahooooo! and yep, there is way too much to get done, I have at least 2 more IEP meetings to get paperwork done as well. But I will survive! thank you for having such a wonderful blog, Paula

  4. I love your poster of your count down. Would you mind sharing where I can find the template? Thanks so much!