April 15, 2016

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. April 15th}

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Happy Tax Day.. let's cry and move on! And, that's all I am going to say on that....

Last week was all about dinosaurs.. and we still have a few things "hanging " around .. including our dino posters AND

The table full of toy dinos is still there. Including this T-Rex with a puppy in its mouth! This little dog was found and no one claimed it. {When does that EVER happen?!?!} So, I said, " Put it over  by the dinosaurs." And, then this happened.

  We moved on to Bears this week. Our weekly centers are all included in my Bears Math Centers
They had a true/false math sort
telling time
missing addends
ordering numbers {not shown}

I have been working all week on updating this unit and I have added TONS to it. It has doubled in size and I will be revising the file in my store hopefully this weekend. Now, is the time to purchase it if you are interested. The price will go up a little after I revise and update the file.

We have been reading different versions of the Goldilocks this week. I have a few other ones that are not pictured.. but the one of the right is a new one that we LOVED!
You can find it on Amazon HERE
I also ordered several others by this same author
They are all awesome!

We also did a few activities that are included in my Three Bears Book Companion.  

And, other than taxes This has DEFINITELY has been thebiggest event of my week. I FINALLY caved and ordered a new phone. I was still using my iphone 4s from 2011 so it was waaaay past time.

 Last Sunday, my phone started acting crazy. So, I ordered a new one. And would you believe it started working just fine right after I placed the order?
But, I knew I was on borrowed time so I went ahead and upgraded. And, also ordered 6 new cords. 

How many cords do you have? I was so used to  my old phone that died every hour so I kept chargers literally everywhere. I don't know how to act with a phone that stays charged all day. But, I have plenty of cords around ready to charge if needed.

I would love for you to post your Five for Friday and link up below. 
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  1. Congrats on the new phone! You won't need the extra chords - trust me the new phone will be superb on battery. It's always great to have them for syncing stuff though. :)

  2. It's always great to have cords around. Towards the end my 5C needed constant life support, but I have the regular 6 now and its goes from about 7 am till midnight without needing the charger at all so you should be good!

  3. I love the dinosaurs!! Especially the one with a puppy in it's mouth, kids are so creative! We did a unit on fossils this year and my students loved learning about dinosaurs and other extinct animals. We watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs!

  4. I hate tax day too :( We'll be starting our Dinosaurs Unit soon! I'm looking forward to it! Your congrats on your new phone:)

  5. A puppy-eating dinosaur. That's no good! Have a great weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency

  6. Congrats on the upgrade! It always feels good getting a new phone :) Love the dinosaur and bear activities! Did you read Goatilocks and the Three Bears? My kids got a kick out of that one! Have a wonderful weekend!