January 10, 2016

Cut and Paste the Months of the Year

At the beginning of each month I have my first grader do these cut and paste letters to spell the current month of the year.

They make a great {and super quick} classroom display.. 
We put them on one of our inside bulletin boards. 

But, even though they make a cute monthly decoration. They are a perfect intro to a new month and give students the "feel" of starting a new month. My students know that when we start a new month we do these and when the month is over we take the down. 

Each month has a page for each letter.
 I copy each page on different colored construction paper or cardstock.

I divide my students into groups of four and prep a little bucket of letters for each group. Inside the bucket I also write the month on an index card just so they can have easy access to how to spell the current month.

Each group takes their bucket, scissors, glue and sentence strips to somewhere on the floor. They dump the letters out and use the bucket for trash.

This set of all twelve months is listed in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.. it is an easy activity that I use each month that is easy and quick to prep and is a great time filler when you have 15-20 minutes when you need a hands on activity.

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