December 18, 2015

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. December 18th}

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Hello Christmas Vacation!

I might just sleep for days. 
We have been busy little first graders the last few days. 
And wheww.. I am tired!

We made these Happy Birthday Jesus ornaments. Just two popsicle sticks, a brown foam triangle, a foam circle and a star template. These seriously took about 5 minutes to make. Easy, peasy!

We also made these handprint Rudolphs. I have made these for several years and they always turn out cute.

Our class tree was full of handmade love!

And look at these cute elf feet that my mom loaned me to use on our class tree. And... can you believe that NOT ONE SINGLE one of my first graders noticed or said anything about them! WHAT?!? They seriously notice every.single.little.bitty.thing that is not important but when I want them to see something they are oblivious to it! Crazy little people!

I printed out their Santa Claus pictures and stapled them to these bags to put all their ornaments in to take home. We also had reindeer food, and a reindeer made from candy canes that we put inside these bags too.

I love a directed drawing and I squeezed these into our day on Wednesday. They needed a little color to make them pop so I mounted them on green paper and laminated.

Last year instead of gift exchange with my class I decided to ask each child to bring a small gift for each classmate and we stuff ed these bags! It was a HUGE hit so I knew I would do it again this year.

These bags are crammed full of goodies! Nothing big or fancy! But, my first graders have anticipated opening and digging through their bags. 

I made goody bags with colors, candy, gum stickers, pencils and lip gloss for the girls and matchbox cars for the boys. 

I also gave them these large oversize coloring books I found at the Dollar Tree. But, they were too big to fit in their bags.

They opened them during our class party yesterday!

Our kid's last day was yesterday but I have to go in for a few hours this morning and then I am on Christmas break until January 4th. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable break! Rest up! January will be here soon!

Merry, Merry Christmas!!!!
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  1. Love the Santa directed drawings. Where can I find those?

  2. I love your directed drawings too! Would you consider doing a post or selling a packet in your directed drawings? I would love to have some for all year round and yours always look so cute!

  3. Kacey, your presentation is always amazing! I love the personalized bags! Enjoy your break:)

  4. I love your Santa drawings- they are adorable.

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