August 24, 2015

#Bethe difference with Mailbox Gold: Sub Plans made easy


Writing sub plans is a HUGE job! I know many school require teachers to have a “Sub Tub” or a designated folder within easy reach if you have an unplanned absence. But, getting these plans together is time consuming. I am also the type of teacher that leaves detailed lesson plans and step by step directions.

So, I am here today to help you out a little bit with some ideas and to share how I use the Mailbox Gold program to make it TONS more easier! I have teamed up with Mailbox to share this experience with you to give you a better idea of what is included in the Mailbox Gold. Keep reading!

My first suggestion for easy sub plans  is to find a one day “theme” that can be used at anytime during the year. Nothing holiday related but something you can use anytime from the beginning to the end of school.

My first go to idea is always ARTHUR!

MBS-12-001 MarcBrown Website_v2

There are TONS and TONS of Arthur books and kids love this crazy aardvark!


I always leave a nice stack of read aloud books for my substitute because they are the PERFECT time fillers and are great for a calm down activity. My cute little plush Arthur can also be used a nice behavior award. He gets moved around the room and sits on the desk of the really quiet and well behaved first graders!

Have your sub leave you a list or make a chart on the board of who got to have Arthur sit on his/her desk.


My go place to quickly plan for a sub is the Mailbox Gold. This is a monthly subscription program that has TONS of ideas and printables at your fingertips. {new items are added each month!}

Check out these PERFECT Arthur activities! {all from the Mailbox Gold}


This cut and paste printable is perfect for my first graders to sequence the events of Arthur’s Tooth.


This is another great retelling/sequencing activity from the Mailbox Gold. It is a little kid made book that retells the story and has a place for students to illustrate.

And the BEST PART… the download includes directions and sample pics that are perfect for subs! You don’t have to leave detailed directions. It’s already there!!


Here is another little book for students to put together. This one is actually not for a certain book so it can be used for any Arthur book you have.



And it comes with directions too! So, all you have to do it leave it and no more explanation is needed.


I also found this great little literary companion on the Mailbox Gold to download with several pages of ideas.

Also on the Mailbox Gold are several forms to you for substitutes.

Here are two handy ones that I love!


This is a info sheet that is editable. You just download it and enter the info you want your sub to know. I just keep this saved and can change it through out the year as needed.


I also really love this form for the sub to fill out for you!

All of these are downloads you find on the Mailbox Gold. The cost is $3.00 a month and new items are added each month! You can click the box below to jump over and see or read more about this program.