July 7, 2015

Promoting Positive Behavior with the Mailbox Gold


I shared with you last week I was asked to partner with The Mailbox to share about The Mailbox Gold and how I can {and you too!} use it in my classroom and help with planning.

Do you remember The Mailbox Magazine?! It seriously had ALL the cool and new ideas from teachers to help teachers. The Mailbox Gold is an online tool that houses TONS of ideas to help you as a teacher! It cost $3.00 a month but has a huge amount of resources for you to use.

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a few awards or certificates that are available on the Mailbox Gold that would be super easy to prep and use to promote a little positive behavior in your class. Even though I teach first grade these are great for all grades. Awards and Certificates can be a super easy way to help us improve student behavior and a way for us to encourage the way students to act during the school day.


First up are these precious dog award certificates. When you subscribe to the Mailbox Gold there are lots of products you can download and edit yourself BEFORE you print. This is an example. These certificates are available in colored and black and white. You just type in the student’s name, teacher’s name and date THEN print. Easy peasy! And sooooo cute!

They are available in pink and blue but I also printed the black and white version on colored cardstock just to show you.


Here is another example of a certificate you can download and print from the Mailbox Gold. These cute cowboy ones are available in colored and black and white too. You can edit them with yourself before you print or you can print them blank and handwrite the info.


I squealed when I saw these first day of school cuteness. As soon as I get my class list I plan to go ahead and print these for my first grade babies to hand out at the end of the first day. These are editable too and you can enter your own students’ names and your name and date.  Or you can always print blank ones and handwrite your information.

mb8    mb7  

They also come in colored and black and white. The picture on the left shows the certificate printed on a mint green colored cardstock.


And how cute are these birthday certificates?!? I always try and prep my birthday goodies before school starts so these will also be easy to do ahead of time. You can edit them online before you print or you can handwrite the info after you print!

If you edit them BEFORE you print it seriously takes about 2 seconds to type in the info push print. They come 2 per a page and you just type two more and press print again. I could easily do a whole class in less than 10 minutes.


While looking around the Mailbox Gold I also found these quick and simple note home forms. These are NOT editable but I love the easy boxes to check and the simple format of these. They would absolutely be an easy way to promote positive behavior in our classrooms.


I just printed a stack of these on colored paper to have ready for the upcoming school year.


Even though the ones above were not editable- there are some that are! These little notes are perfect for parent communication. You just download the product, type your message and print! Super easy!

All of these are available on The Mailbox Gold


Jump over to the Mailbox website and learn more about the Mailbox Gold tool. I am impressed with how easy it was to find TONS of stuff I could use.

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  1. Mailbox Gold looks awesome! I love the idea that everything is online to be downloaded. I was a Mailbox subscriber for years, and I ended up with the leftovers of several years' worth of magazines. I will definitely be checking this out!