July 16, 2015

Christmas in July Sale {Thursday: Plain Jane Math Centers or Task Cards}


All this week I will be having a Christmas in July sale and will have one of my favorite products on sale each day. These are all products I use in my classroom and could not live without. I hope you find something this week you might like to incorporate into your classroom.


Today’s sale product is my Plain Jane Math Centers or Task Cards. So often, when I am planning centers or math groups I realize I need another activity and I don’t have anything on hand that can be easily prepped. So, I decided to make a HUGE set of activities that can be used year round that take basically NO prep time during my school day.


These Plain Jane cards are named because they were made to be non-themed or non-holiday related. I copied them all on colored cardstock and stored them in individual zip lock bags inside a plastic box.


These were new to me last school year but I cannot tell you how many times I pulled from this blue box of cards. I bet I used all 35 sets of cards sometimes during the school year.


There are 35 sets of cards but the skills included are..
1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Missing Addends
4. Adding 3 Numbers
5. Missing Numbers
6. Mixed Addition & Subtraction
7. Doubles
8. Plus 10
9. Minus 10
10. Adding 2 Digits without regrouping
11. Adding 2 Digits with regrouping
12. Subtracting 2 Digits
13. Telling Time
14. Tally Marks
15. Counting by 1’s
16. Counting by 5’s
17. Counting by 10’s
18. Pick the Greatest Number

** so most of the skills have more than one set of cards.

Quick Shopping Link: Plain Jane Math Centers or Task Cards

**Remember these are only on sale today {Thursday, July 16th} Check the picture below to get a sneak peak at the rest of the week sale products.


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  1. Cute task cards! If I taught a lower grade I would absolutely grab those up! Great idea to have them non-themed and just printed on card stock. Saves a lot of ink I bet!

    Life As I Know It