June 23, 2015

Greater Than or Less Than


I have a new product to share with you today.

I am excited to have this Greater than or Less than unit to use with my first graders.

It includes cards that can be used as centers or math rotations or perfect for early finisher quick activities. And, it includes leveled printables {sheets} that can be used for review or extra practice.

Take a look…..


There are 208 of these comparison cards included. WOW!

They are black and white to save on printing cost but they look awesome printed on colored cardstock or construction paper.

The alligator head cards are also included {as well as other options for the symbols}.


They fit perfect in a pocket chart but could easily be used on the floor or on a table. You could also had velcro in the middle of each card and on the back of the arrows (symbols).


The cards are broken into two groups.. Numbers 1-120 and 120-200. They can also be mixed up together if you want to mix the two groups!


Also included are 78 Clip Cards. You know I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE clip cards. They are perfect for little kids that need some hands on practice.


These are also broken into two groups. Numbers 1-120 and Numbers 120-200. But, the groups are perfect to mix together if needed.


These are also black and white but look so colorful printed on different colored papers.


I keep clip cards in standard school boxes with the clips inside for an early finisher activity that requires hardly any extra prep time and can easily be done at  a student’s desk or in a small quiet space.


There are also 8 printables / sheets. These are broken into numbers 1-20, numbers 1-50, numbers 1-120 and numbers 1-200. There are two sheets for each group of numbers.


These are perfect for differented instruction or just to use through out the year.

   IMG_9459    IMG_9458

And last.. there are 8 cut and paste sheets for extra practice. They are broken into four groups as well.  Numbers 1-20, numbers 1-50, numbers 1-120 and numbers 1-200. There are two sheets for each group of numbers.

IMG_9460    IMG_9461



Quick link to see more to purchase: Greater or Less Than Unit


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