January 12, 2015



I know you love Amazon as much as I do.. seriously they have EVERYTHING! I even order pet food online and get it shipped to my door so I don’t have to worry about buying and having to haul it to my car and then inside my house. It’s the same price as my local stores- and I have the Amazon Prime membership with free shipping. So, why not?!?

Here are a few Amazon finds that are a SUPER DEAL! Seriously! Run.. and check them out!


96 Ticonderoga Pencils for $10.70 – HUGE deal!!!

I am a HUGE pencil snob. These are the ONLY pencils that I use in my classroom. I sharpen pencils myself and these save me a ton of sharpening time. They are the BEST and if you ever start using them you will not go back to cheap pencils. They are worth every extra cent you pay for! Seriously. Move away from cheap pencils!


mr sketch

Mr. Sketch Scented 12 Markers for $5.58

My friend Laura gave me a set of “Smelly” Mr. Sketch markers this summer. It was my first set in years.. and I have been secretly hiding them in my classroom from my first graders. They only get to come out when I make anchor charts and not for them to use. Shhhh…  This is a great deal. They are normally around $10 for this same pack at Wal-Mart. I ordered a few sets earlier this week. 


12 pack Flair Pens for $8.41

Just like pencils.. I am also a pen snob. These are the only pens I use when I grade papers or use to write under the Elmo.



50 pack of colored clothes pins for $7.54

backtoschoolclipcards[4]  fallclipcards  winterclipcardspreview

If you have been following me you know I have been creating and using Clip Cards this year and these are the clothes pins we use in our room. They are good and sturdy and have held up great this year.


I just wanted to share these great deals with you! Happy Shopping!


  1. Cool stuff! Love that you hide
    you smelly markers.
    Flair pens are my fave too!

    M : )

  2. :/ I just moved to Australia from the US, and their Amazon is SEVERELY lacking! I just hope that US Amazon can ship internationally when I need it!

    I miss it.

    Fishing for Education Blog

  3. These deals are AMAZING, thanks for sharing! I am the same way with my Mr. Sketch markers, I completely hoard them for myself!

    Love to Learn

  4. OMG! THANK YOU so much for these hot deals! I love amazon prime too and was desperately needing those pencils for my lil kinders. I love your blog and try to link up on your Five for Fridays. It is a good incentive for me to push myself to the limits in the classroom too =)

  5. Thanks for sharing these deals! Flair pens and Ticonderoga pencils! How can I resist? I've never used Mr. Sketch markers but it looks I need to try those also. Thanks again!

    4th Grade Dynamic Duo