November 2, 2014

What I’ll be teaching.. November


November is one of my favorite months. We have routines down {for the most part, anyway!} and things are just ticking along nicely.

I usually teach a week of MICE before I jump into Thanksgiving themed stuff. But, I squeezed in my mice unit back in September. Now that I look back. I really think I like saving our Mouse fun for November. But, too late for this year.

I also did some reptile/science stuff back a few weeks ago when we had a “snake man” visit our school with a traveling reptile museum. So, I don’t know if I will do anymore reptile “stuff”.

I thought about trying to squeeze in something new this year. I thought about monkeys or even owls. But, I really decided to just slow down and not rush my Thanksgiving activities this year and spend more time on them.

Here is a peek at some of the things I will be using in my class.

countingcover    reviewsheets31 

I pulled out these counting practice sheets  and these math review sheets on Friday to copy as extra practice. I will probably use these as early finisher activities. It will be nice to have them stored away for easy access when I need something for my quick workers or for a time filler.

You can also slide them into sheet protectors or dry erase sleeves to save on copies.


I took a break from clip cards for a couple of weeks but I will be using these Fall Clip Cards as reinforcement this week. This year I have used my clip cards differently thank I have in the years past. Normally, they are a weekly center or as a small group activity. This year, I have four buckets on my teacher table and as my students work on their morning work and I do attendance/lunch count. I call four students a day to the table to do a set of cards. I just keep a class list in each bucket and I mark through their names as they do each bucket. I can easily see who needs to do what.. and they work very efficiently by themselves on the set of cards they need to complete.


I know many of you can not use this Fruit of the Sprit Unit but I just adore it. Last year was the first year I taught the Fruits of the Spirit to my class. It seems fitting to teach it in November close to Thanksgiving.

IMG_6418   mathfacts[3]

I get asked a lot what is my favorite product I have ever made. I don’t know that these are necessarily my FAVORITE.. but they are most definitely a LIFE SAVER! I use these math practice sheets as my nightly homework every night. And I use my Math Facts unit weekly as well. They have saved me so much time weekly.. I cannot imagine how much time having them has saved me over a course of a year. It is wonderful to have it all organized and ready to be copied.


It is a new month which means we do activities from my Months of the Year Unit. I have the November printables ready for us to do this week.


If you need more worksheets/printables for extra practice, morning work, homework, early finisher activities, etc.. these November Math Sheets are perfect! I keep them handy and will end up using most of them before the end of November.

I print some of them 2 per a page and they work out great. I have had people tell me they staple the whole pack together to make an early finisher book. I like that idea too!


I am always needing one more center to go in our weekly center rotations. And, I always turn straight to my Plain Jane cards. These are called Plain Jane because they can be used year round. They are black and white and look great printed on colored paper. I am even guilty of using the same cards and printing them on different colored paper and my little firsties NEVER catch on to me.

Basically they are just good skills to review without all the fluff {and cuteness!}


We will be finishing up our short vowel review this month and will be using my Short Vowel Unit. It is another life saver that I love having handy. I use most of this during my guided reading/small group time. But, also use a good bit of it for homework too.

thanksgivingunit   thanksunit

We will start our Thanksgiving centers this week and will be using things from these 2 units.

Thanksgiving Centers

Thanksgiving Centers and Activities

I am also finishing up a set of Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Printables that follow the same format as my Halloween set. My little ones loved doing the Halloween ones for morning work last month so I decided a Thanksgiving set was a must. I hope to finish proofing and editing them tonight and have them listed the first of the week.

Stay tuned for them…

Hope you are having a great Sunday! I am off to finish reading and answering questions for an online class I am taking. It is definitely NOT my thing.. It is to get credits for my license. And, assures me that I never, ever , ever want to go back to school!


  1. I am a first year First Grade teacher, I love your blog. I need all the ideas I can get! Thank you!

  2. My husband was the evangelist at a youth church camp this past summer and they learned a song called The Fruit of the Spirit's not a coconut. The kids loved it!!!! It's on YouTube by Uncle Charlie, if you haven't heard it you should check it out.