November 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Printables


Last month I created a set of Halloween Cut and Paste printables. My first graders did one each day during the month of October. They loved them and I did too! It was perfect for independent work while everyone was getting settled in for the day.

So, I KNEW I wanted to create a set of Thanksgiving ones too for us to use in November {and don’t worry.. Christmas ones will be coming soon!}


This is a set of 24 worksheets- all in a cut and paste format.


I like to copy the answers on colored paper. I usually leave the actually background paper white because I have a few students who like to color if they have time when they finish.

IMG_7670     IMG_7672

Some skills included are: number words, days of the week, months of the year, telling time to the hour, what number comes next and before, what letter comes next and before, math facts and ordering numbers from least to greatest.


If you jump over to Teachers Pay Teachers you can see the download the full preview of these sheets and see all 24 printables.


Here is the link if you are interested…

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Printables

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. i love these! this was my first pack I bought last week...and I already know I need the rest! :)

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