November 29, 2014

Christmas Cut and Paste Printables


Are you ready for Christmas? I have the perfect set of cut and paste Christmas printables for you to use in the month of December. I use these each morning for morning work. They are great independent activities for my first graders to work on when they first come into the room.


There are 27 printables / worksheets included which is WAY more than we will have time to complete between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here is what is included…

What is included:
1. Days of the week
2. Months of the year
3. Number Words (zero-ten)
4. Number Words (zero- twelve)
5. Number Words (up to one hundred)
6. Number Words (up to one hundred)
7. Doubles Math Facts
8. Addition Facts
9. Addition Facts
10. Subtraction Facts
11. Subtraction Facts
12. Greater / Less Than
13. Greater / Less Than
14. Even and Odd Sort
15. Even and Odd Sort
16. Color and Number Word Sort
17. Months and Days Sort
18. Coin Sort
19. Counting Coins
20. What letter comes next
21. What letter comes before
22. What number comes next
23. What number comes before
24. Telling time to the hour
25. Telling time to the half hour
26. Ordering Numbers from least to greatest
27. Ordering Numbers from least to greatest


We only have 13 days between after Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break so I choose the 13 sheets that will be the best for my first graders to do and went ahead and prepped them all at once. {It is so handy to have them completely done!} I just pull one each morning and have it sitting on their desk for them to work when they get to the room.


I print the “pieces” or the paper the students have to cut on colored paper. This is not necessary AT ALL but I like the pieces on a different colored paper than the background paper.

IMG_7849     IMG_7852

I also copied a few extra of these sheets to tuck into my “extra work folder” for when I need a spur of the moment time filler or if I have to be out unexpectedly they can be used for sub-work.

IMG_7854   IMG_7853

Head over to my store to see more or to purchase if you are interested:

Christmas Cut and Paste Printables


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