September 23, 2014

October.. What I’ll be teaching!


October will be here next week. And, it is one of my favorite months so I am definitely ready! I love the “themes” I teach in October and I also think that it is the month that we FINALLY can say we have mastered {most} of our classroom routines. You can probably hear my sigh of relief. I KNOW you understand too!

I also believe that October is a great month to fit in a little Social Studies and Science. Fire Safety and Columbus Day are perfect Social Studies units. .. and we can definitely fill lots of time with non-fiction learning of bats, spiders and skeletons.

And, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fun of Halloween. The cutesy part.. not the scary. You will never find anything scary with me but you better believe I overdo the cuteness of jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, costumes and more!

I looked back through some pictures on my computer and found a few fun things I have done in the past with my first graders.


These little spiders were always a big hit. Our cafeteria has these little styrofoam cups and all you need are wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners and black beads. I haven’t made these in several years but they are cute and easy!


We made these glass jack-o-lantern luminary jars one year. They are covered with tissue paper and have green raffia tied at the top. We put candles inside. Cute! Cute!


This ghost bulletin board and hall display is one of my favorites. The white sheet on each ghost lifts up and there is a picture under each one. Such a cute idea.


Very simple jack-o-lanterns with handprints for the leaves.


Yarn pumpkins. These always turn out cute and each have their own personalities.


Directed drawing bats- a cute and super easy {and fast} bulletin board idea.


Here are a few of my October resources that I will using in October. You can click each picture to go straight to the page listing with more info.




  1. Hi Kacey,
    I am a homeschool mom and I LOVE all of your directed art projects. These bats are super cute, but I couldn't find them in the units you listed at the bottom of your post, in your store or in the freebies section of your website. Do you have this activity available? Maybe you teach your students art on the fly (you are obviously VERY creative!). I have no drawing talent so I am always looking for step-by-steps guides to teach my kids how to draw. Would you consider (in all your free time, ha!) making a unit to sell in your shop of all your directed art! I think I have your presidents art pinned too but could never find an actual lesson. Your art is just too cute and I would love to pass it on to my own children. Thanks for inspiring me! - Rebecca

  2. Hi Kacey,
    I am a homeschool mom too! Your activities are super cute! Thanks for sharing.
    a better way to homeschool

  3. I did your ghost bulletin board last year and it was SOOO cute. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  4. I LOVE the spiders and luminary jars! Adorable! I'll be making them with my first graders! Thanks for the share :)