September 7, 2014

A look at last week…


We practicing reading and sorting the days of the week each day last week. They are getting much better! Thursday and Tuesday and Saturday and Sunday are still tricky ones. Even with the clues and tricks they have been told.. it will just take lots of practice.

These cards are from my Superhero Theme Set.

 IMG_6911    IMG_6906IMG_6909

A few years ago I started saving water bottle tops and I bought small alphabet round stickers in the Target Dollar spot.. they fit on the bottle tops perfect! I have three sets and they are the perfect little time filler. 

IMG_6907     IMG_6939IMG_6938

We are still ordering numbers DAILY! I thought we had it pretty much conquered but  .. not so much. So, we will continue to practice. I just divide my cat number cards into several groups and hand them out. They grab a set and go someone in the room they can spread out.

These are my Cat Countin Cards.



I introduced my firsties to the game scoot a few weeks ago. They caught on perfectly! They are so quiet and stay on task while moving that I have tried to play several times a week. They know when they come in and there is card taped on their desk a game is coming up soon. I don’t number my cards but we use their class numbers instead. So they know to look at the number then the card when they sit down. It gets them up moving and learning at the same time. It is definitely a win win situation. It works great when we need a little break.


We read the room again this week- and used short a words. They had to find the words and when they were done come read them to me. Another movement + learning activity.

These cards are from my –an family unit.

   IMG_6926  IMG_6927

We finished up our Cat/Pete unit mid week so I put away the cat counting cards. I pulled out these cute little chevron square cards. In small groups I would call out a number and they had to find it. While they were waiting on their turn they were putting them in order at the top of the pocket chart.

Quick Link: Chevron Counting Cards

IMG_7012     IMG_7013

One of the skills we concentrated hard on this week was number words. Right now I only “test” them on words zero-ten. But, anytime we practice I include words up to twenty. They pick them up so quickly. I desperately needed a new no-frills number chart. Thanks to Labor Day – it was one of many to-do projects that got done!

Here is a link to download the number cards for free if you want to make your own.. nothing fancy for sure!

Number Words Poster

IMG_7033IMG_7047  IMG_7034

We celebrated a new month this week with printables from my Months of the Year unit. We do these at the beginning of each month. They are perfect for identifying the word September.

Quick Link: Months of the Year Unit


We FINALLY finished up our Pete pictures. These have been in the works for almost a week. I took the words off my hall bulletin board but left the pom poms and put up Pete words. This Pete art project was from Deanna Jump several years ago. It is now in her Colorful Cats Unit.

Next week is all about Dogs and especially Clifford! We are be working on capital letters, days of the week, short a, rhyming words, ordinal words, number words , place value (ones and tens places), calendar skills and so much more! A few resources I will be using…

dog  backtoschoolclipcards[4]  cliffordunit

120a[6]   nw4   shorta

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  1. It looks like it has really been a busy week for you and your class but it looks like you handled it well enough to make the kids enjoy while learning.