August 17, 2014

A look back at last week


Last week was the first week of school and it was basically routines, routines, routines. I felt like it was information overload for my little firsties. Explaining EVERYTHING and showing EVERYTHING. I am not a huge fan of the first few weeks of school. Once, my students know the way we do things in our room and they are settled in.. then I feel like I can let out a big sigh of relief.

But, we did manage to get lots of work done in our first week of school. When my first graders come to me they are on a new campus, in a new school.. and they go all day. Our local kindergarten is only 1/2 day so they are in for a BIG shock when lunch time rolls around. There is MORE to do before it is time to go home!

IMG_6735    IMG_6736

Most of my morning work last week came from my new Back to School Unit. We did mostly ABC and Counting practice each morning.  This is the time I get lunch count checked and turned in, attendance {which is super simple with 12 kids!} and homework checked.

IMG_6739   IMG_6737  

We also did several look and follow directions from the “board”. I would use the document camera and draw something and tell them what to do.

In the pictures above I would draw a 4 square box and write numbers in each box. I would have them copy mine, then circle the greatest number. It’s simple, quick, and no prep. All you need is paper which we used the back of our morning work. It also gives me a REALLY good idea who can listen, watch and follow directions!

IMG_6740       IMG_6741

On Monday, which was our first day of school we colored these super cute first grade coloring sheets.

IMG_6743IMG_6744  IMG_6747

You can download them HERE.

IMG_6772   IMG_6776

We have also been using my Handwriting Practice Book this week.


Most of our week was centered around color words. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear .. a LOT! And we did these little student books each day.


These are a free download in my store.


We also did our first art project/craft this week! A simple and cute little pencil. It was the perfect one to start with and they turned out pretty good! We wrote our names on a primary lined index card and I attached the name card and pencil to blue construction paper. The look cute hanging in our room.

IMG_6809    IMG_6812

The pencil craft is in my Back to School Unit.

IMG_6781     IMG_6782

I did not start our math program last week. So instead, I used my Back to School Math Books during our math time. They were a perfect review of kindergarten skills and showed me a good first look at their math skills. We will jump into our math program this week but these were a good fit our first week.


One of our mat activities one morning was this color word chart. It was simple and got them up and  moving.


And now is the time to do a little planning for next week. This little guy will be visiting our classroom this week. We ♥ Pete!



  1. Looks like you had a fun first week!

  2. Thanks for the colour word chart idea - love that - can use it in so many different ways!!

  3. All of this is fantastic! Thank you :) I am starting my first year in first (after a few in 2nd) and I'm nervous as all get out! But this was super helpful, thank you!

  4. All of your ideas are genius. So easy but genius. I am also switching from 2nd to 1st and need to remember to keep it simple!

    The Sassy Sub

  5. The first few weeks aren't my favorite either. In fact, I go back Wednesday and I haven't even been in my room yet... week! I get to go in for the first time tomorrow. Thanks for all the great ideas. I love reading your blog.
    Bouncing Through Life in First

  6. Love everything you do, but those pencils are especially cute!

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