July 27, 2014

What I’ll be teaching.. August

My new batch of first graders start August 11th.. so back to school time is on my mind for sure!


Here are a few resources in my store that I use the first few weeks of school. You can click on each one to go straight to the actual product.




  1. I don't have student's til August 25th but I'm heading in next week to start setting up my room! Our workdays before school starts is usually filled with workshops, meetings and traininga. Getting my room set up ahead of time makes me feel more prepared and calm-ish about those days.

    I hope you have a great year!

    Primary on the Prowl

  2. I use all of the same themes the first couple weeks of school! These activities are awesome, thank you!!

  3. Fortunately I have some extra time before we start but I need to set up my room. It appeared so much work to do, I didn`t even expected. But during the breaks I am looking through some posts to find new ideas and make this year really special (I promise it every summer and I hope I succeed) It is fantastic that we can get so much information and use supporting services (like this one helponessay.com for reports and other papers) without leaving a classroom. Thank you again for the bright ideas.

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