July 13, 2014

Blog Hoppin Scavenger Hunt


So, you heard about the Scavenger Hunt, right?!?

The last time I went on a true scavenger hunt was my senior year in high school {about 18 years ago.. YIKES!} It was a tradition in our small town for one of the senior parties to be a Scavenger Hunt. You were divided into teams and you had to find random things.. and bring them back to the starting spot. Things like a yellow q-tip, a pair of orange shoes, a calendar from 1966, etc..

Now- jump ahead a few years and we all have a cell phone{computer} in our hands at all times, with Instagram and speak in a foreign language called HASHTAGS! Do we even want to know what the world will be like in 20 more years…

Anyway- we came up with a fabulous Blog Hoppin Scavenger Hunt over at Blog Hoppin and we would ♥ for you to join us.

And, I am SURE if you follow any of us on Instagram you have seen the pictures. There are over 12,000 so far..

Now, the fabulous Cara explained it ALL on the original blog post.

But, here are the basics..

Download the list of items to find. No, we do NOT expect you to find all those items! But, you have to 105 to be entered into the prize drawings.

Also follow the Blog Hoppin facebook page for extra points items announced through out the month!

Take a picture with a sign that says BLOG HOPPIN 2014. This validates the pictures are recent and not hijacked from the internet somewhere!

Post the pictures to your Instagram and use the hashtag #bloghoppin2014.

Keep up with your own points. We will announce when and how to turn them in later.

The hunt ends Wednesday, August 6th.

Here are a few of my pictures. None of the Blog Hoppin’ authors can “win” but we are still playing along with the fun.



Five different colored post it notes.


Five different colored scissors. {I could seriously have rounded up 10 or more different colors. We have an abundant amount of scissors at our house!}


Summer Reading Materials


Christmas Decorations


An empty classroom


A gumball machine – this one is in my classroom.


6 different colored sheets of construction paper {This was taken in our school’s art room.}

You can also see ALL {12,000+ pictures} by searching #bloghoppin2014 on Instagram. We have been laughing so hard since we started at the creativity and dedication of some of y’all! AMAZING!


Here are a few quick links for you..

Blog Hoppin: Blog post with all the details

Document with items to find

Blog Hoppin facebook page

Blog Hoppin Instagram page

My {Doodle Bugs Teaching} Instagram Page


  1. I've been having so much fun with it!

  2. I didn't hear so I'm glad you posted about it! I can't wait to get started! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh my goodness, you have a gumball machine in your classroom! So fun! Can I be one of your students next year??

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Biling├╝e

  4. I finished the hunt with 105 points and I see where you said directions will be given later with how to turn them in. Any idea when that might happen? I don't want to miss getting it done!