March 9, 2014

Spring Math Sheets


I am finished with my latest set of math sheets.

Here is a breakdown of everything in included… (44 sheets total)

1. Four counting by 1's sheets
2. Four what number comes next sheets
3. Four what number comes before sheets
4. Four fill in the missing number sheets
5. Four circle the greatest number sheets
6. Doubles math fact sheet
7. Three Addition math fact sheets
8. Three Subtraction math fact sheets
9. Three Addition & Subtraction Mixed math fact sheets
10. Two count by 5's sheets
11. Two count by 10's sheet
12. Four ordering numbers from least to greatest sheets
13. Two Color Numbers that are Greater/Less than the given number
14. Counting tally mark sheets
14. Three greater than/less than sheets


I use these for morning work mostly.. but I also use them for review sheets, extra practice work, homework, quick assessments and early finisher activities.


I usually include copies of one in each center rotation so if my first graders will have something to work on while the others finish.


This is just part of the sheets- there are 44 in all and are a life saver for me! I have lots of other math printables in my store too.

If you are interested and would like to purchase here is the link:

Spring Math Practice & Review Sheets

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  1. Your spring math sheets look great! So perfect for my students!
    I also wanted to let you know I have met so many other blog friends through your Five for Friday! I'm sure you hear that a lot! I'm pretty new to blogging so I will definitely have to join in on the fun! But just wanted to say thanks! It's so fun reading and learning from other amazing teachers.
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