November 10, 2013

A look back at last week.. and a free turkey craft download



One of our math small group activities were these yes/no math fact sorting cards. If the answer was correct they put the card under yes. If it was wrong they put it under no.

Source: Thanksgiving Centers & Fun Activities


Math fact number word match.

Source: Thanksgiving Centers & Fun Activities


Counting by 5’s pumpkin cards.

Source: Fall Math Centers


I copied my Thanksgiving math sheets and have started using these for morning work. I also copied a few 2 per page for us to put in our math notebooks(journals} to use. They come in so handy! I love having them ready to use.

Source: Thanksgiving & Fall Math Review Sheets


I used these word sorting cards in a small group independent activity. We have used these in a pocket chart a few times this year but we used them in baskets this time. It’s a perfect mobile activity that can be used anyway.

Source: Word Sort {color words, number words, Days and Months}


One easy spelling practice activity I like to do is type the letters to our weekly spelling words and I partner up my kids to cut and glue the letters to make their spelling words. I type the letters in a simple word table.


We also practiced our words with magnetic letters this week.

Source: Magnetic letters on Amazon


I used my cat counting cards as an even and odd sort for a math center this week.

Source: Cat Counting Cards


We also spent some time on Monday making these turkeys for our hall bulletin board and door. The other 1/2 of the turkeys are on our classroom door. They turned out cute.

Source: Turkey Free Craftivity Patterns


  1. I love how the turkeys all have different personalities! And thank you for sharing the picture of your centers! I love to spy into other classes and see how the do it.
    Amber Burns

  2. So cute! Thanks for the freebie!!!!

  3. Love the turkeys. Thanks for sharing!

    Carolina Teacher

  4. Thank you for sharing the turkey!! I loved sure shows my kids personalities.