October 27, 2013

A look back at last week



These ghost math facts were one of our math centers this week. They are definitely “old school” before everything was computer generated. But, I keep and use what works.


Another math center were these fill in the  missing number cards.

Source: Halloween Centers and Activities


Halloween ABC order. I folded the paper to make six boxes and they wrote a word in each box and illustrated.

Source: Halloween Centers: Math, Language and Writing


This math center is old too.. I have probably used it for the last 10 years. The boxes with the pictures came from this book. In the book the pictures were made for something else .. not counting. So, I turned it into a counting center. I I made the recording sheet.

Source: Pictures only are from Everything Kid’s Halloween Book 


Some mornings when we are on the mat for the first time.. I try and do a pocket chart activity that will be used as an independent activity sometimes that week. It’s a good way for me to introduce the activity and model how I want them to do it. One of the pocket chart activities we did this week was an even and odd sort. I used my Chevron Counting Cards and just made quick even and odd header sheets for the top.

Source: Chevron Counting Cards


We practiced tally marks one day this week.


One time filler activity that I do are these little reading stories. I write the stories on a piece of paper and put it on the board using the Elmo. (My phone caught a glare so some of the words are not showing up.) I have my students read the story to themselves. Then I give them a small piece of paper. They have to number to five and I ask them five simple questions. The questions I asked this time were:

{1}  What is the girl’s name? {2} Was the pot hot? {3} What is in the pot? {4} What color is the pot"? {5} When will they eat?


While I was doing sight word assessments this week I had the rest of the class working on these short o unscrambling sentences.

Source: Short O Practice Unit or in the Short Vowel Bundled Set


We are still working through my Halloween Math Sheets as morning work. I really hope to finish the Thanksgiving version this week.

Source: Halloween Math Sheets


The last thing we did Friday afternoon before leaving for the weekend was to unscramble and put together our weekly Bible verse with a friend. I paired everyone up and they cut the words and glued them in order to make our verse.


I showed these candy corn guys in my Five for Friday post and had several emails and comments about the patterns. I made these but I don’t have them to share! So sorry.. but seriously, I drew them by hand one morning before school. Nothing fancy. All you need is a rounded triangle, shoes, hands and circles for the eyes! I cut strips of black paper for them to fold accordion style for the arms and legs.


  1. I just found your blog recently. You have such great ideas and I love that you share all these photos! Somehow between providing daycare with a preschool program and caring for my own 5 children I am working on getting my teaching degree. Its not going very fast but I will hopefully get then sooner than later. Your blog makes me want my own classroom now! So glad I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Love the tally mark activity!
    And the ghosts! Maybe one day you will have time to recreate it to sell.