October 13, 2013

A look at last week..


Last week was a big blur.. it was our end of the quarter {we call it 9-weeks} and we had to do testing, there were two 1/2 days and I was out one day. It was a busy week but obviously taking pictures slipped my mind. But, here are a few things we did.

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We read with a buddy. We finished up talking about short u so these short u sentences were a breeze for my super smart first graders!

source: short u practice unit or bundled together in short vowel bundle


We sorted and practiced reading Days and Months one day.

Source: Halloween Centers & Activities


Counting by 10’s. This set goes up to 300 and this was one of my math centers this week. I also had them do a follow-up sheet when they were finished counting with the cards.

Source: Halloween Centers: Math, Language & Writing


Another one of math centers were these number word match cards. I call these counting by 10 numbers.. but do they have an actual name?

We have started reading number words up to 100 so these were perfect practice. When they were done with the matching cards- they did this cut and paste.

Source: Halloween Centers & Activities


016     004

Cut and Spell the word October: This was a math center too.

Source: Halloween Centers & Activities

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I was out Thursday and I left my sub Christopher Columbus activities. This great little mini book is by my friend Gladys. {Gladys had a HUGE part in my staring my own teaching blog!} She has left me in first grade and moved on up to 3rd grade. Boo!

Source: Celebrate Columbus Day {Literacy Activities for Little Learners}


And we have been using my Halloween math sheets almost daily as morning work. They have been a life saver so far.. and will come in very handy the next couple of weeks too. I know many of you cannot use Halloween stuff so these are not useful but I do really hope to get a set of Thanksgiving ones made too. I love having them handy when I need a quick time filler.

Source: Halloween Math Sheets


.. and in case you missed it. Teachers Pay Teachers is having a flash sale today! Enter code: FB100K during checkout!


I am off to grade tests, average grades, work on report cards, type a parent letter .. THEN plan and prepare for next week! Does a teacher’s job ever end! Enjoy your Sunday!

xoxo, kacey




  1. Your students have had a busy week! Lots of fun learning activities. I like the short u sentence reading practice. Great way to get in some fluency!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Kacey, thanks for the shout out sweet friend! Looks like y'all have been busy little bees...everything looks great! I miss my firsties...and the fun stuff we used to do!

  3. Don't those nine week marks catch up to you too fast!? I always felt so rushed before report cards. I am having a giveaway on my blog. Come and check it out!

    Keep Calm and Apple On