October 6, 2013

A look at last week … Spiders, Short U & October!



We just finished our 8th week of school- and also our Spider Week. Even though we will have a few spider activities spill over into this coming up week since we did not get to everything.

Here is a look at some of the things we did.


We started independent math centers this week. This was the first week that they were split into four groups and they did the work by themselves with me pulling and helping a few students with other skills for a little extra help.

I have four centers and we do a center per day. So, we only do them four days a week. Each center bucket is coordinated with colors. The folder in each bucket has the recording sheets. I also include scissors, glue, markers or any other supplies in the buckets that are needed for each center.

{1} Pick the Greatest Number

044  011

Look at each card- and record the greatest number on the recording sheet.

Source: Silly Spider Unit

{2} Count by 5’s


Put the spider cards in order then write the numbers on the recording sheet.

Source: Silly Spider Unit

{3} ABC order

066 007

Put the cards in ABC order, write the words then color.

Source: Silly Spider Unit

{4} Read & Follow Directions

015     046

Read each list of directions and draw & color correctly on the recording sheet. Practices number words, shapes, and color words.

Source: Silly Spider Unit

Here are also a few other random things we did this week.


Our book table had a special bucket of spider books.. and also a few rubber spiders thrown in for extra fun!


Itsy Bitsy Spider Cut and Paste.

Source: Silly Spider Unit


Our phonics skill this week was short u- so we spent a lot of time reading short u words and doing word work with u words.

Source: Short U Practice Unit


  We spent some time working on counting money.

Source: Silly Spider Unit


We made some silly spiders for the hall.

Source: Silly Spider Unit


And.. we welcomed October!

Source: Months of the Year Unit


Enjoy your Sunday.. I am getting ready to finish planning for next week!


  1. I love all of your spider activities, especially the silly spiders! Those are adorable. I can't wait to use some of your ideas when I do my spider unit. Thank you!

    anchor text

  2. I never would have thought of cutting up a poem and having them read the lines and put them in order. So easy, yet I'm sure they really enjoyed it. Your spider art is really adorable!

    Ashley Copeland

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