August 7, 2013

Back To School E-Magazine {Must Have Items}

I am excited to share this Back to School Must Have E-Magazine. It was a fun opportunity to get to contribute a few of my favorite "must have" items. 

Click below to read the magazine- you can click on all the product pictures inside the magazine to get the direct link to the products. Pretty awesome.. and handy!


  1. This is great! It's like those old Sears toy catalogues we used to pore over at Christmastime! I am drooling... :)

    I agree with SO MANY of these things, especially chair pockets, book boxes, and take-home book bags. LOVE my 31 bags as well!

    Hmm, my birthday is on Sunday, maybe I should show this ebook to the hubs... ;)

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  2. It has a lot of great ideas inside!! Thanks for sharing! Btw- I'm having my first Linky (Back to School Bulletin Board Showcase). I'd love it if a well known blogger like you could link up!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, this is an awesome idea!!

  4. LOVE this! I saw many of my favorites in there as well. Such a great idea! :)

  5. As a 2nd grade teacher a great tip I would give to mom's is to get a TagTailz ID Bag Tags for your girls. Add them to lunch bags or backpacks. Makes it SO much easier to quickly and correctly get the right bags. And it doesn't hurt how cute they are!!! Love them.