June 18, 2013

Short Vowel Units


I am so happy {and super relieved} to FINALLY have my short vowel units finished and available in my store. These have been “in the works” for almost a year. You can buy each vowel individually or you can buy the bundle set. Click the covers below to see them in my store.

The individual units

{Click each cover picture below to see/purchase.}


All Five Sets Bundled Unit

{Click the cover picture below to see/purchase.}



Here is a look at the short a pack..

the e, i, o,and u packs are the same format.

Unscramble the Sentences:

6 sentences for students to cut and glue in order.


Cut and glue the words beside the correct picture sheet.

013    015

Follow directions to color the pictures.


Can you read these words?


I run multiple copies of this page on colored cardstock- then laminate. I call out words {or let students call them out} and we cover the words with counters, chips, etc..

Quick Word Check Boxes


These boxes are perfect individual practice. I work with students individually and they read the list of words to me. Six different word boxes are included.

Sentence Flash Cards

30 sentences are included. Perfect for small group instruction. I also these with my document camera when we work as a whole group. They also fit good in a pocket chart.


Word Flash Cards


There are also practice reading sheets that I use for homework but are also great for early finishers, morning work or quick assessments.


These units are all black and white {except for the cover and some pictures} to save on ink. I printed/copied some of the pages that I wanted to laminate on colored cardstock.

{Links for Cardstock & laminator info}

Here are the links one more time…


xoxo, kacey

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  1. These are super cute! Nice job. They make me wish I was teaching kinder or first again but instead I'm moving up to third.

  2. I am in love, Kacey!! These went straight to the Wishlist!! Absolutely perfect!!!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  3. Looks great! I'm adding it to my wishlist :)

  4. I love the covers!!! Those are great resources!!! I'm a huge fan of colored cardstock, also!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  5. How wonderful are you? This unit seems really comprehensive and USEFUL! I'm looking forward to purchasing and using it for next school year. =]

  6. I have been looking for a really good short vowel packet just like this! I may purchase this! Thanks for your hard work!!

  7. One of the things I decided I needed to do differently next year with my first graders was to really review the vowels. I am thinking this packet would help. Looks great!

  8. Love them!!! They are in my cart right now!!!


  9. You rock! I am so excited to have these to use in my classroom.

  10. You rock! I am so excited to have these to use in my classroom.

  11. Love your word problems!!! Too cute!! Too fun!!!

  12. Love your word problems!!! Too cute!! Too fun!!!

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