April 20, 2013

Magical Product Swap

I have participated in the Magical Product Swap before with Jessica and was happy to join again.
Peace, Love, & First Grade
This time I got to partner up with another Mississippi teacher.. Laura from Peace, Love and First Grade. I have several of Laura’s products.. they are super simple and quick to use.

My first graders used her Farm Tally Mark Cards this week. She designed this product to be a “Read & Write the Room” activity. The product contains 24 tally mark cards that are numbered and recording sheets.
I did not use the cards as a Read & Write the Room activity but I used them as a quick and easy math center. I even split the cards up into two groups {1-12 in one group} and {12-24 in the other group.}


I also printed these 2 pages/per 1 page {hope that makes sense??} and it only took 3 pages of cardstock  for the cards and 1 page of regular paper for the recording sheet.

You can purchase these farm tally mark cards from Laura below:



Laura also sent me these dinosaur subtraction cards. I really hope to squeeze in a little bit of dino fun before school is out. These will work great for our Dinosaur Week! You can read more about them or purchase them below.

Go check out Laura.. she is one of my favorite teacher bloggers!

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