April 5, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. April 4th}

Happy Friday.. it was a 4 day week that seemed to last forever! Boy, it was a long week. Let the weekend begin!

1.We had a great Easter- and I enjoyed some down time with family. I am even blessed that the Easter Bunny still comes to fill my basket.

2. It was so nice to have Monday off and enjoy a day of catching up on chores. I spent an hour or so at school Monday morning {in the quietness of my classroom} getting my lesson plans written and getting everything organized.

3. We spent some time doing some true/false activities using math facts this week.
The cut & paste sheet above is in my last set of math review sheets.

4. On Thursday, we got to go watch a local production of the Wizard of Oz and the kids loved it. Every year the local Garden Club puts on a children’s play and they do a fabulous job. We really enjoyed it.

5. We made some little frogs today for our hall board.  Before I gave the directions on putting them “together” this is how I found two students had arranged their pieces. Really??  A day in first grade never surprises me! HA!
Here are the finished frogs- looking much better!
Enjoy your weekend! Post your “Five for Friday” and link up below!


  1. Oh goodness! I love your frogs - super cute. :) We are working on true/false in math, too! So fun that the Easter bunny still visits you. :)

    Thanks so much for hosting!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. Those frogs are hilarious! I have a few kids who would do the same thing!

  3. Isn't the Easter Bunny just great?

    Love the little frogs! They are adorable! Googly eyes are the best!

    Enjoy your much deserved weekend! This 4 day week seemed insanely long to me as well!


  4. Those frogs are ADORABLE!! The first ones cracked me up!!

  5. That was a super long 4 day week. I like your true/false math activity.

  6. Those frogs are super cute! You know there are always going to be one or two "unique" creations...LOL!
    I am a little bit jealous that you still get an Easter basket. My four year old asked why she, her sister, and her daddy get baskets but not Mommy. Daddy's basket quickly became Mommy and Daddy's basket!
    Have a great weekend!
    My First Love

  7. LOVE the frogs and the Wizard of Oz play sounds SO fun!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  8. The frogs are ADORABLE!! My class has a frog theme & I just love these! :) Thanks for the linky...

    First Grade Fairytales

  9. Those frogs are seriously the cutest things I've seen all day! I love the "creative" types that we all have in our class that do things on their own :)

    Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love, Live, and Teach

  10. Those two frogs made me really laugh out loud! Never a dull moment in first grade!

    Fun in First Grade!

  11. The frogs must be doing backflips or something...love this craft!

    Teaching in the Tongass

  12. Those frogs are adorable! And your Easter basket looks pretty nice too! Thanks for the linky! :)

  13. The frogs are so fun even the "special" ones! Looks like you got a lot done! Good for you! I always feel behind. I have report cards looming right now. Can't seem to get going on those! LOL!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  14. I am glad I am not the only one who has projects that end up like that!

  15. Jealous of your Easter basket!!

  16. I always wonder what my little lovies are thinking when their craftivity ends up like that!! I always have a few of them too!! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful linky! :)

    Surviving the Little People

  17. Love the funky frogs! (Cannot even imagine what my second graders would come up with before directions...ours would probably look like the two even AFTER directions!)

    Happy Friday!

  18. I like your true/false sort. My third graders need to do the same thing but with more difficult equations. Thanks for the idea!

    Third Grade Galore

  19. Love those frogs. I really like the artistic interpretation of those two frogs without directions. :) I had a few kiddos who love to jump to it and have their own ideas about how something should be put together. It 's always so cute to see. Usually they think it looks just right. That's one of the many reasons why first grade is so fun! I just linked up with you!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  20. Thanks for hosting! I love that the Easter Bunny still brings you a basket. :)

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

  21. I have one more question i am new to blogging but you are helping me lots. How do you get the post to do words then pic then words then pic etc. mine puts all pics together and i can't figure out how to put them by the text they should be by?

  22. The frogs are super cute! I also had Monday off. It was SO nice. However, it didn't seem to make the week feel any shorter than usual. But we made it through! :)

    Diary of a First Grade Teacher

  23. So great to see your Easter basket stuffed with goodies!
    Can't believe the break is almost over.... On the positive note, that means only 9 weeks left to go!
    Have a great week!

  24. Hi! I love love love those froglets!!! Just pinned them!
    I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

  25. I love that true/false math idea!! And the frogs are too cute!!

    abcs and polkadots

  26. I finally got motivated to join your awesome linky party. I took a ton of pictures this week of work my class was doing, and even though I am feeling under the weather, I wanted to share them. The Five for Friday is the perfect place to do so! Hope you have a great Saturday and Sunday:)