February 19, 2012

Sunday Thoughts!


Happy Sunday to you! Is it really time to go back to work tomorrow?!?! The weekends FLY by so fast!

I spent some time today laminating my Cookie’s Week mini unit that I will be posting soon. I love this book! Now off to cut…


I am also working on a special painting project for our school’s auction. My first graders will be working on a painting too this week.. I will try and remember to post pictures of both items when they are finished.


It’s never unusual for my to have 2 computers going at the same time.. and with my phone in my hand. What did we ever do without so much technology.


So, I have a few questions for you…

{1} What are your favorite online games or sites that practice basic first grade skills. I would love to find some more great resources for sight words {we use fry’s list}, long and short vowel review, counting money, number order or number words up to 1,000 or even higher.

{2} I have recently been asked to do a review on a portable interactive whiteboard from Learning Resources. Any suggestions or advice on great activities to use with this?!? What do you use with your interactive whiteboard that doesn’t require a special type of file.. does that make sense? I am pretty clueless on all of this.

{3} I have an $18 Amazon gift card.. what should I buy?


  1. Love Cookie's Week!
    (you need to post about the auction item...I have to do one, too and i need ideas!!)
    First Grade Blue Skies

  2. Do you cut the paper after you laminate it??? I've never done it like that before! I always cut, laminate then cut again!

  3. What kind of laminator are your using? I have a Scotch one, maybe it is older than yours. I have 2 laminators and sometimes have them both going at the same time. Contact SueBeth for your second question...she teaches 2nd grade and she is awesome at the SMARTBoard. Seriously...gmail her!

  4. I love Starfall and Cookie.com. Both of these have basic skills games and activities, and my kids love them, especially Cookie! Love Cookie's Week! And Hadar, if you are reading this, I laminate first then cut. I used to cut first but found the lamination holds fine both ways.

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  5. I agree w/ laminate first then cut!! Only cut once ...we are busy ppl!! :D

    I am sooo excited to see what you think of the white board technology!! I saw that first post on a board a few weeks ago and emailed it to my prin. :( have yet to hear anything yet but would LOVE to know what you think...from what I was reading on it ...it sounds pretty neat-o!!

    Good Luck!! I know you will do GREAT!


  6. We were just giving Kindle Fires to use in our classrooms. I love being able to use these in my classroom and feel truly blessed. Here are some of the apps that I have feel in love with...
    istories...this is a free download that allows you to download books. I use this in my listening center because these app allows the read to me option.

    mathbingo...this is a great app for math facts

    kids doodle...this is a cute drawing app...I use this for spelling and writing sight words.

    Starfall is an all time favorite for the kiddos and sheppardsoftware has tons of math games that are school appropriate.
    Christie cwjones21 4@gmail.com

  7. I LOVE Cookie's Week!!!! :) So cute!
    I am very impressed that you work on two computers at once. I think my hubby would kill me.
    I am not used to technology whatsoever so I can't really comment on that at all.
    Why aren't you off for President's Day?!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. My students like to use Sight Words Buddy. You can download it and it's free..love that, huh! It works in the opposite way that typical sightword practice does. It gives kids three words to choose from. Then it says a word out loud and they have to click on it. It's great because it works a different part of the brain. you can program it for each kid..can you say HOORAY for differentiation? Try it and let me know what you think.

  9. I love spellingcity.com. There are free options and options that you can pay for. We also like to watch Brainpop videos.

    You need to buy Kristin Hannah's Home Front on Amazon. The book was amazing!


  10. I typically use Starfall & ABC Ya (abcya.com)! ABC Ya has letter activities, sight word activities, math activities, holiday activities, and some fun little games. My kids love ABC Ya! They also like Game Goo.

    Hopefully these are helpful!

    Sliding into First!

  11. I haven't heard of Cookie's Week! I will have to check it out. Thanks also for the helpful sights I've been looking for some new ones!

  12. 1. I can't help you with this question because I teach Spanish 2nd Grade.

    2. I always use Power Point because it is easy and fun to make sounds on the items. I do a lot of sorting activities.

    3. If you like to read buy novels from the author from the Kite Runner. If you want to buy children's literature anything of Laura Numeroff will be worth it. I love her work :)

  13. I get a lot of activities for my smartboard from the smartboard exchange. I has grade specific games and activities. fun..

  14. What kind of laminator do you use at home? I have considered buying one but do not know what kind to purchase. Any suggestions?