September 2, 2011

Random Weekly Pictures



Here is the finished ordinal word poster.

You can download the word cards below.

Ordinal Word Cards 


We enjoyed reading DOG books this week.

You can see our dog pictures that I printed off from Pinterest on top. I laminated them and put them together on a metal ring. The dog on the top picture was voted “class favorite” this week.

The multicolored argyle wiener dog came from here


The calendar board was decorated with fun dog pictures too!


We had our first classroom birthday this week!

So, the desk was decorated and the “Happy Birthday” banner was hanging up outside our door when the birthday boy arrived at school! I got my banner at Vista Print.




We made cute little dogs as an art project!


Our school has started our big fundraiser and this huge life size frog is part of the fun! Everyday students bring in coupons if they sell at least one item. The coupons are put in a box for a raffle drawing. Whoever’s name is drawn gets to keep “Freddy the Frog” in their classroom for the day. ..

Can you believe that my class has won two times.. this frog is HUGE! But, we are enjoying the company!


  1. Seeing your pictures ALMOST makes me wish that we were back in school already! I don't have students until next Wednesday. Thanks for the Ordinal number cards! They are copied and ready to go to school with me! Love the you do theme weeks or is this in response to some program? Enjoy your LONG weekend.

  2. Thanks for sharing your birthday treat idea. I tried to think of something different to do this year to make their birthday more special and I just loved your little bags. I am going to have fun making them with my scrapbook supplies. Have a great year.

  3. I was just thinking to myself, "I REALLY like her ordinal numbers poster. So bright, it pops... and I love the font." And then I scroll down a bit and noticed you shared the cards. Thank you!! :)

  4. Your blog is one of my favorites!! You are so creative and I am discovering so many creative and wonderful ideas! Thank you so much for sharing everything! You may have already mentioned it before, but what is the font of the letters that you used in the dog bulletin board that says "First Grade Art" I love, love, love it! Thanks again for all your absolutely great ideas! :) :)

  5. I love your cute classroom AND your adorable blog! There are so many FANTASTIC ideas here!!

  6. Such fun ideas - and Freddy the Frog is HUGE!! I'm impressed that you got any word done with him in the room. And I want to know about the number cards just to the right of his head - the animals look too cute!!

    Mrs. Peterson's Room

  7. Love your free downloads! Your classroom is so cute!

  8. I picked you as one of my Top 10!
    I am sure that you have notice that I have been a major stalker of you lately:)
    A Place Called Kindergarten

  9. I love what you do for birthdays. I am wondering do you sell the Birthday topper of the goody bag in your shop?

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  10. You are wonderful!!

    I love your blog and just nominated you for one of my top ten. Get your award here:
    See my post here:


  11. The ordinal number cards will come in very handy for me. We are learning that right now. Thanks so much!

  12. I love the birthday idea! Do you sell the tag for the Happy Birthday bag? I would love to have a personalized one that says "Happy Birthday! Love, Mrs. Thornton" Also what font do you use for that? I've seen it alot on your things and I love it! I'm finishing my internship now and I love your creative ideas! You can email me any questions. Thank you so much!

  13. Do you have the ordinal word cards 13th - 20th? Or could you send me the word document so I can edit? Thank you!