July 8, 2011

Math Pocket Chart Activity

This is a pocket chart activity I made for the end of school last year. It has TONS of matching sets of cards. .. and will keep my kids occupied for awhile matching them together in the pocket chart.


I have had several people comment or email me about getting a copy of the items I post.
If I personally design/make it then I am not selling them anywhere.
I don't really have plans on opening a TPT store.
I just don't have time with teaching full time and running another business.

As far as sharing.. I might check into this. To be very honest..
 I don't even know HOW to share something with someone.. LOL!!
So, if anyone has great suggestions- I welcome the advice.

I also don't save the items I make.
So, if you see something on my blog you like- well, too bad!
 I don't have a way to go back and get that unless I recreate it.
And honestly.. that is no fun!!

I do however WELCOME you to recreate anything you see.
And, please share it with me if you make something after seeing it here.

If I share something that I got from a fabulous teacher-
I will always link to the source so you can share in the awesomeness too! 



  1. Sharing is easy you can use www.scibd.com or google doc to share files. I use a free PDF program that allows me to save my word files that I create in PDF form so that the fonts stay true and people cannot alter the files. It is really very simple and easy. If you want to know the name of the PDF program or have other questions you can email me at jmmidgett03@yahoo.com

    I am new to your blog and love it.


  2. Hi!! I loved this idea so I re-created it, doesn't look identical to yours, but I tried :)


  3. Just found your blog and LOOOOOVE it! Your creativity and love of learning is so obvious. I've bookmarked your site as well as your Doodlebugs stationery one (I'm thinking Christmas presents!!!!). Keep posting! You inspire me! :)

  4. I like all of these activities those you have designed but have couple of suggestions so the other people can take the benefit of your creativity. Please share them here in this blog. top economics phd programs