September 30, 2012

Short i Flash Card Game {free download}


Last week, I shared a short a flash card game that I had made to play with my students- I made a short i version for us to do this week. You can download the i version from my store now.



If you don’t want to use it as a game- they are great practice flash cards for short i.



Here are the links:

short i flash card game

short a flash card games

Both are free downloads.

Happy Sunday!

September 27, 2012

Short i word families & fire safety


Tomorrow is Friday, right? I sure hope so!

We will be working on a few short i word families next week and I have finished my word family units and have them listed in my store.

Just like my a units- you can buy them individual or bundled together! You can click the pictures or the links below.



short i: -in family unit

short i: -ip family unit

short i: -ig family unit

short i: bundled set with -in, -ip, -ig families

And,.. I have finished a set of fire safety centers that are fun!


Fire Safety Centers


xoxo, kacey

September 19, 2012

Stickers, Stickers! Fun Giveaway


I get asked often about these sticker charts that you can see in my classroom pictures. People ask me what I use them, let me tell you!

I use these as rewards- not necessarily for behavior {but sometimes, yes!} but for contests, games, and good work!


        The reward for “filling up your sticker chart” is to skip homework. I admit that at times I really don’t like this reward- but, kids love it, it’s easy, it’s free.. and even parents like it! So, I continue to keep it as the incentive to “fill up your chart”.

001     002

My first graders can earn a sticker if they are a winner of a classroom game. We play a lot of games that are based on luck- so the winner is not always the smartest kiddo! I usually give out 2-3 stickers a week for game winners.

Around the holidays, I will have a coloring contest with a holiday coloring sheet.  I give out a coloring sheet and they can work on it when they have a few extra minutes. Then usually on Friday afternoons- we will vote on the best one. The winner usually wins a small little holiday trinket {pencil, candy, etc..} and a sticker for his/her chart.

Sometimes, if my little ones are restless and I know I need them to pay attention more- I will tell them I will pick someone at the end of our lesson that paid really good attention and wanted to learn a sticker. This might not last long.. but this will all get them back on task and listening for a few minutes.

We also do fun little trivia contests randomly throughout the year. For example: I will tell them if they can come back to school tomorrow and tell me who is on a dime they will get a sticker.

But, the #1 way to earn a sticker in my classroom is to get the “fun test” correct each morning. My students love “fun tests” and are quick to remind me if we get off schedule and have to skip it. It is a great transitional activity that is short and sweet…

The first job my helper does each morning when we get ready to leave the mat after our morning meeting is to grab this purple basket and give everyone a piece of paper.


This is nothing but scrap paper I keep cut for the “fun test”.

While my helper is passing out paper- I write a question on the white board for my students to answer. Most of the time it is math related.

008 009

Students have to do the fun test by themselves..

I will not answer any questions or help at all.     

010    011

When they are done they bring their paper to me and put it in a stack. Then once everyone is finished we do the problem together on the board.

013     005

I quickly look through the papers and call out the names of who got it correct. Students get a sticker for their charts if they got the “fun test” question right.

This is a such a great transitional activity that moves us from our meeting time on the mat- to our whole group math lesson.


As a special treat…

Carson Dellosa has graciously given me 2 mega packs of stickers to giveaway to my readers!


I will randomly pick 2 winners on Saturday!

Thanks Carson Dellosa!


To enter:

Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know.

Optional extra entry: Follow my facebook page


I will randomly pick 2 winners on Saturday!

xoxo, kacey


**Giveaway has ended **




September 15, 2012

Short A Flash Card Game {free download}



I have uploaded a short a flash card game as a free download in my store. .. hop over and check it out!

And, if you don’t want to use it as a game it is a great resource of short a flashcards to use for your little ones to practice sounding out short a words.




Link: Short A Flash Card Free Download

September 14, 2012

Short A Word Family Units


I have just finished listing my short a word family packs. These packs all have the same format- and use the same activities. You can buy them separate or individual. You can click on the pictures or the links below to purchase or see what is included.

I also blogged about my –at pack last week. It will show you pictures and give you a better idea of what is included in each pack.

“-at family” blog post

adfamily   atunitanwordfamiliesawordfamilies

Here are the direct links:

at word family pack

an word family pack

ad word family pack

Bundled short a word families pack

September 13, 2012

Fall Pocket Chart Unit



I am so ready for fall.. I am done with summer! It is still so hot here in MS!

I am trying to get into the fall spirit and I have just recently finished my fall pocket chart unit.

Of course {like I say each time} these activities don’t have to be used in a pocket chart- they can easily be used at a table or on a floor.

I just happen to love love love pocket charts and would highly recommend having one (or 3-4) in your classroom!



Here is the link if you are interested:

Link to Purchase: Fall Pocket Chart Activities


Here is a little peek of what is included…

Number word  to number match. These focus on numbers less than 40.


ABC order cards

2 sets: short i and short a


Ordering numbers from 1-50.

2 sets: a football and a cheerleader set


It is homecoming week at our school- and my first graders had fun using these this week.

010     009

A recording sheet is available in the pack- but we did not use it.


Domino/Math Fact Match


Months of the Year/Days of the Week Sort


We used these this week too.


Here is the link if you are interested:

Link to Purchase: Fall Pocket Chart Activities

I also have a set of Fall Math Centers in my TpT store too! I am looking forward to using these with my first graders again this year.



You can..

purchase it here: Fall Math Centers

Download the recording sheets: Fall Math Centers Free Recording Sheets

Read the blog post to see what is included: Fall Math Centers Blog Post

September 9, 2012

“at family” unit



Last week we worked on our first word family. The –at family! It goes along perfect with our Pete the Cat week too!

I bundled all my activities I made to use with the –at family and created a little mini unit

Mini Unit: –at family

Here are a few things included in this unit.


1. Stamp the “at words” paper
2. Read and Highlight or Circle the “at words” sentences.
3. Pick a word to complete the sentences.
4.“at words” word search


5. 20 “at words” sentence flash cards {in color and in black and white}


These are the color sentences above. We used these everyday last week.


These are the same sentences- but in black and white. I also printed them 2 pages per page {that is an option when you print from adobe reader}. I printed them on colored cardstock.

6. Read the room cards and a recording sheet


I introduced my new class to “Read the Room” . They had to walk and find the 10 –at word cards and write the words on the recording sheet.


7. “at words” flash cards {in color and in black and white}


Here are the flash cards in colored and black and white.

I  printed the black and white ones 2 pages per page {that is an option when you print from adobe reader}. I printed them on colored cardstock. I printed 4 sets of the b&w ones  (on orange, pink, green and blue paper).


Everyday we played a game with these. I randomly handed out the colored cards to my students I would put the “white card” in the pocket chart and if they had a card that matched they would come put their card beside the white card. The student who got rid of their cards first was the winner. I like games like this because the winner is based on luck and not who knows the words the best- so anyone can win!


Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing these activities:

Purchase Link: Mini Unit: –at family

xoxo, Kacey


Coming soon: Fall Pocket Chart Activities, Fire Safety Centers

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September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day.. 2 new products


I hope you have enjoyed your long weekend. Thanks to Hurricane Isaac our weekend was really long.. Thankfully, we missed all the bad stuff. So, it was a nice, enjoyable long weekend!

I have been busy finishing up a few products. I listed two items in my TpT store.

The first item is an Animal Sentence & Picture Match.


These will be going straight into one of my “pocket chart baskets” in the morning.


This activity has 12 sentences and 12 picture cards. The animals are precious!


Here is the link: Animal Sentence & Picture Match.

The second item is a set of Chevron Counting Cards 1-200.


I will be using these all year long. I seriously can not get enough counting cards. We will use these to practice ordering numbers and for number recognition.


Here is the link: Chevron Counting Cards 1-200

Enjoy the rest of your holiday! I will be back later this week with an “at family unit” and a “fall pocket chart unit”.

xoxo, kacey

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