August 22, 2011

Teacher Week: Meet the Teacher


Well, hello! You can read more about me above on the About Me tab..
But, here I am in a nutshell.

I am a Christian.  I am a wife.

I am a teacher.  I am a business owner.

I am an aunt.  I am a daughter.

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My name is Kacey {Mrs. Kacey to my firsties} and I am a southern girl!
I was born and raised and still live in the same small Mississippi town.

{ Hey Y’all! }

I just started my 12th year of teaching. This is my 9th year to teach first grade. Between my 4th and 7th year I was an elementary librarian..
I have been married for 10 years.

Things I love: 
monograms, animals, reality tv, food {all of it},lots of color, organized spaces, taking naps, getting the mail, General Hospital, iced tea, sweets, and a beach vacation with a good book.

Things I don’t love:
snakes, rodents, bugs {yuck!}, crime, suspense or mystery novels, tomatoes, oranges, cleaning, paperwork, coffee, lazy people, talking on the phone and having my picture taken.. {I don’t like that one above at all..}


  1. Hey Kacey,

    Your stationery is so very cute! Best wishes for a great new year!
    First Impressions

  2. Do you mind me asking where you find all the cute graphics you use? I feel so limited in what I make for my classroom because I don't have all the awesome fonts, borders, and graphics to make really cute things. Thanks! As a list making junkie, I love all your paper products!

  3. I am from Miss too! Still teach here although I will be moving soon

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders